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Guide to HydroDash Singapore: Inflatable Water Park in Sentosa

hydrodash sentosa
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Here’s what to know about HydroDash Singapore – the first inflatable water park in Sentosa featuring a kid-friendly floating obstacle course with water slides

HydroDash Singapore is that immense inflatable obstacle course floating in the sea just off Palawan Beach on Sentosa. HydroDash Singapore is heaven for thrill-seekers and water babies alike (although there’s a minimum age of 6 years/height of 1.1m to enter). Hydrodash Singapore comprises floating platforms to balance on along with steep slides to climb up and slide down as you navigate the slippery obstacle course. If you fall? Into the sea, you’ll go!

HydroDash Singapore: What to know before you go!

Hydrodash Singapore makes for a real workout! Here’s what to know before you take the family over to Sentosa for Hydrodash fun.

HydroDash singapore floating obstacle water park in Sentosa tips on children's zones and safety

Planning a trip for water park fun at HydroDash, Singapore

Book in advance online at HydroDash, Singapore to avoid disappointment. If the weather is not conducive to being out at sea you’ll lose your ticket unless you opt for the $2 per pax option to change your day/timing due to inclement weather.

There are two slots at the HydroDash Singapore water park. Opt for the one-hour session or two-hour session. We think one hour is enough (it’s quite a workout!)

HydroDash singapore floating obstacle water park in Sentosa

HydroDash, Sentosa Water Park

Kids as young as 6 years old can have fun at Hydrodash Singapore. However kids need to be at least 1.1 metres to play on the HydroDash course. All 6 year old children must be accompanied by an adult at a 1:1 ratio. We’d recommend making the most of Hydrodash Singapore by going with older kids 7 and above who can navigate Hydrodash on their own.

HydroDash singapore floating obstacle water park in Sentosa

Safety at HydroDash, Singapore

You’ll be reassured to know that there are lifeguards on duty to keep an eye on safety. However we have heard about some injuries when kids slide off the plastic and scrape themself on barnacles underneath so always keep a close eye on your kids, especially if they are in a big group.

Everyone at HydroDash has to wear a buoyancy aid and you should be healthy and able to swim. It is a very challenging workout (you will ache the next day!), so make sure you’re in good fitness (mums and dads we mean — the kids will be fine!). Due to safety concerns, pregnant ladies are not allowed on the obstacle course.

A compulsory safety briefing will be conducted at HydroDash, Singapore prior to the commencement of play; at the top of every hour.

HydroDash says “The water quality at Sentosa is monitored and checked regularly by the National Environment Agency.” NParks outlines some safety tips including exposing as little skin as possible and washing any jellyfish stings with vinegar (bring your own) or sea water and then seeking medical advice.

here's what to know for kids at new HydroDash singapore floating obstacle water park in Sentosa

How much are tickets for HydroDash, Singapore?

  • Ticket prices for 1 hour at HydroDash, Singaporeare is $22
  • Ticket prices for 2 hours at HydroDash, Singapore is $40

HydroDash, Water Park Opening hours:

  • HydroDash Singapore is open every day of the week! Opening hours are: Monday – Friday, 12pm – 6pm, and Saturday & Sunday 10am-7pm.

Lockers and Toilets:

There are limited lockers available for rent but it’s on a first-come first-serve basis. According to HydroDash’s website there are toilets and changing rooms a 2-minute walk away from the ticketing booth.

Sassy Mama Tip:

Where sea shoes if you have them – gives more grip when trying to scale those slippery walls!

How do you get to HydroDash, Palawan Beach?

HydroDash is within easy walking distance from Beach Station on the Sentosa Express and its nearby carpark.

HydroDash Singapore, Palawan Beach, Sentosa,

Lead image: HydroDash Sentosa, all other images via HydroDash Facebook

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