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6 Harmful Chemicals to Avoid in Household Cleaning Products

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There’s a reason why standard household cleaning products are so effective mama, but we don’t want to admit that it’s the hazardous chemicals in them

Your standard household cleaning products might make it a breeze to battle dirt and grime, but at what expense, mama? The various chemicals usually present in petrochemical-based household cleaning products are extremely harmful to one’s health, especially for pregnant women and children 6 years old and under – which may result in the development of allergies and other long-term health issues.

Which is why you should turn to products that contain natural ingredients, on top of being allergen-free, petrochemical-free, hypoallergenic, safe and biodegradable (always a plus when it’s eco-friendly!). Look to PiPPER STANDARD Natural Household Cleaning Products for a safer choice in your cleaning arsenal, with its Pineapple fermentation technology that uses natural ingredients as substitutes to the chemical ingredients.

To make more informed decisions on your next household cleaning product purchase, here are six dangerous ingredients in chemical and natural household cleaning products to avoid:

1. Formaldehyde
The hazardous chemical formaldehyde, a bi-product from preservatives believed capable of causing cancer, can be found in certain laundry and fabric softening products as well as dishwashing liquid.

2. Preservatives
Some preservatives such as parabens have been linked to cancer. Other preservatives are considered known allergens, including Methylisothiazolinone, which was named “Allergen of the Year” in 2013 by the American Contact Dermatitis Society.

3. Sulfates
Sulfates such as LAS or SLES are commonly used as surfactants in cleaning products to create a bubbly/foamy effect in products (it’s the same stuff that makes your shampoo lather). Sulfates may cause skin irritation in the form of peeling, dry or itchy skin, rash, or scaling, particularly for those who are prone to allergies. Some plant-based sulfates, such as SLS, may be safe in small dosages, but make sure the products have the right non-irritation certifications.

4. 1-4 Dioxane
1-4 Dioxane is a contaminant from the petrochemical production process that may cause cancer, and particularly, breast cancer.

5. Quats
Quaternary ammonium compounds (Quats) are petrochemical substances commonly found in commercial fabric softeners used to make fabric soft and smooth, but may cause allergies and asthma.

6. Optical brighteners
These are synthetic chemicals which are added to detergents to make us think our laundry is brighter and whiter than it really is. Designed to intentionally remain on clothes after washing, optical brighteners can cause a skin reaction that looks like sunburn and can also be harmful to the environment. Furthermore, the reason why your white clothing turns yellowish is due to the chemical residue that isn’t completely washed off, thus causing the need for optical brighteners.

With so many harmful chemicals to look out for, it can be difficult to keep an eye on the ingredients list of every household cleaning product you’re about to purchase. You won’t have to worry with PiPPER STANDARD’s products as they don’t contain any of the aforementioned chemicals, using instead natural ingredients such as fatty acids and soy lecithin for easy ironing in clothes, removing mouldy smells, and preventing static cling.

Need help on which PiPPER STANDARD products to try, mama? They’ve just launched two new products for bathroom and multi-purpose cleaning!

The Multi-Purpose Cleaner – available in gorgeous Grapefruit and Eucalyptus scents (100% from natural essential oils) – is a must-have to safely clean and freshen up your home, tackling dust, dirt, and grime on desks, tables, kitchen surfaces, toys, appliances and more. Safe to use in rooms and on surfaces where little ones play, even on toys!

The non-irritation certified Bathroom Cleaner is available in two fresh scents – Orange Blossom and Sweet floral – to give your bathroom a sparkling natural clean, powering through soap scum and other buildup in showers, sinks and bathroom floors, as well as toilets and other bathroom surfaces that need a deep clean by harnessing natural pineapple power.

With so many great options from the PiPPER STANDARD range, there’s no reason not to clean healthily, mama!

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PiPPER STANDARD Natural Household Cleaning, also available on Redmart

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