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Pole Dancing in Singapore: Where Mamas Can Embrace Their Inner J.Lo

pole dancing class singapore
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Pole dancing ain’t just for J.Lo! We tried pole dancing in Singapore at SLAP Dance Studio and loved it. Here’s why you should grab your girlfriends and give it a spin, too!

You went pole dancing in Singapore? What? Why? Where?” This seems to be the general response to my conversation starter about our recent team pole dancing session at SLAP (Singapore Lap and Pole) Dance Studio. So what actually went down, you ask? Jasmine Han – owner of SLAP Dance Studios, mother of two, experienced professional pole dancer and choreographer, cancer survivor, and all-round pretty amazing person – taught our one-hour class.

Jasmine teaches pole dancing alongside her team of instructors (many of whom are professional ballet dancers and trained gymnasts) at her studio slap-bang in the middle of the CBD. pole dancingThere was plenty of laughter, we pushed ourselves into new territory, and had a full-on workout to boot. We twirled around poles in varying degrees of style, and some of us managed to manoeuvre ourselves upside down. Just watch out if you give it a go, there may be bruises! The hour’s class flew by and was so much fun, plus it was a really great (sober) way to bond with the team.” Beate

pole dancing “Very much inspired by J.Lo’s video showing how she learned to pole dance for the movie Hustlers, I was intrigued to switch up my regular work-out routine, push my body and conquer the pole! It absolutely is a total body workout that includes core and upper body strength, flexibility, timing, dance and a fun dose of sensuality — all to really good music! While I looked far from the effortlessness J.Lo, our fabulous and fun teacher Jasmine made us all feel super comfortable and supported (literally holding us up!). Feeling stronger, emboldened and more confident, I have been back for another class as I would love to learn some of the Cirque du Soleil type of routines and techniques that I am in awe of now that I follow SLAP Dance Studio on Instagram.” Carlijn

pole dancing singapore slap dance studio
Team Sassy Mama pole dancing in Singapore at SLAP Dance Studio

pole dancing “I always thought pole dancing would require immense core strength and it does! But I was surprised to be able to lift myself into at least 1-2 easy positions. Also loved how we learned a few simple routines that I could achieve! Yay! So I imagine I could achieve way more if I did this on a regular basis. Very fun class and excellent if you want to really challenge yourself physically!” Nadia

pole dancing

“I’d interviewed Jasmine before and seen her in action at her studio, so I knew we were in for a workout. Sure enough, my arms, back and shoulders were definitely a bit sore a few days later — guess my body isn’t used to hanging upside down! Jasmine’s sense of humor and enthusiasm is infectious and sure to put you at ease — these are truly key for pole dancing in my opinion because you don’t want to feel self-conscious. I also loved the great music that she played throughout class; you can never have too much Missy Elliott!”  Kate
pole dancing

“Before going to the class, I had no idea that it’s the pole that spins, not the dancer, although of course it makes perfect sense! Some of the basic moves were surprisingly simple — even though we were beginners, we all managed to learn a couple basic moves in the space of an hour. It was gratifying to feel different muscles working, and my arms were SORE the next day! Jasmine made the class super fun, and there was no pressure to try anything if you didn’t feel safe. (Upside down, no hands? Not for me!)” Jess

slap dance studio professionals pole dancing in singapore
The pros pole dancing at SLAP Dance Studio

“Pole dancing has been on my bucket list for a while now but I never mustered the courage to book a class. So I was particularly pole dancingexcited by this team activity. The first thing that surprised me was that the studio was located right in the CBD. Next, the room was bright and spacious with enough poles for everyone. Finally, Jasmine our instructor was not only warm and fun, she was also passionate about pole dancing (and 80s music!). She made a point to make everyone feel comfortable, but once the class was on she kept on challenging us to the point where by mid-class some of us were upside down on the pole. The hour went by really quickly and it was a lot of fun. I would totally recommend this for a team activity or with girlfriends! ” Emilie

“Pole dancing class is one of those workouts where you feel like you not only got a physical workout but also a confidence boost as pole dancingwell. It takes you out of your comfort zone in such a fun and supportive way. Jasmine’s personality made it a really positive and non-judgmental environment (and the great music helped, too!). I was surprised at how much physical strength it actually requires… I  have a lot more admiration now for J.Lo in Hustlers, who made it look so effortless. I would definitely consider doing it again!” Kristin 

Ready to give pole dancing a go? Sign up with a friend (there’s safety in numbers right?) for a $12 trial!

SLAP Dance Studio offers 8-week 1-hour pole dance choreographies (from $180 – $250 per term) at progressive syllabus-based levels, as well as private classes and practice classes with Pole, Striptease & Lap, and Stretch classes available.

SLAP Dance Studio, 1 Robinson Square, #17-02/11-01/10-01, Singapore 068908, Tel: (+65) 6636 4622, [email protected]

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