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Cool Dad Hangouts: Mixologist Kannan Pillai of Flying Monkey and Frapas

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Does the Dad in your life need some inspo on where to take the kids? We talk to some of the coolest Dads in Singapore to get their tips on where to go and what to do with kiddos in tow!

Our Cool Dads series just keeps upping the stakes! A few months ago one of our Sassy Mama team members was enjoying cocktails at Flying Monkey in Kampong Glam and struck up a convo with the mixologist behind the bar. Despite his tough exterior and tats, turns out he’s actually a bit of teddy bear, and the doting father to a 1-year-old son, Sasti Vel. We met up with Singaporean papa Kannan Pillai and Sasti Vel in Kampong Glam and the result are some of the sweetest, most colorful images we’ve ever seen. Scroll on for some major cuteness, mamas (and the inside info on cool dad hangouts, of course)!

How long have you lived in Singapore for?
Thirty-four years. I was born in Singapore. 

Tell us something quirky about yourself?

I’m a mixologist; when I’m not mixing, I’m with my son playing. I’ve been mixing for the past 7 years at place like Long Chim, Longplay, Buyan and Flying Monkey. Now I’m at Frapas, a French tapas and cocktail bar.

Inks and the beard are a part of me.

What’s your favorite outdoor spot to hang out with your son?
I like taking him to aquarium shops to look at all the fish.

What’s your favorite restaurant to bring your kids to in Singapore?

To be honest any kid-friendly place; the best is not to go too high end, because kids will make a lot of noise. That’s just how they are right now, and others will not understand.

Do you do any cooking in the house? If so what do you make?

I try not to… I’m better in making drinks than food. People love my drinks, not my food, haha.

What part of Singapore do you live in? What do you like about it?

I stay in Jalan Teck Whey. The area I’m in has quiet shops nearby and public transport is 5 minutes away. It’s easy and fast to get to places.

What are the most Dad-friendly places for changing diapers?
Anywhere … you have do you what you have do.

Favorite playground in Singapore? 

There used to be sand playgrounds and all over Singapore; that was my favourite. For now it’s the local playground at our neighbourhood, because there will always be other kids around.

Best spot for coffee when you’re on early-morning Dad duty?
Home is the best.

Any favourite bedtime book recommendations?

Religious books for kids. They’re fun and colourful, and in this modern world it’s better to teach kids about our culture and others. We should be proud of of our background and teach them to respect others.

Any favourite games to play with your son?
Running around…Kicking balls…Peek-a-boo.

What’s your favourite activity to do with your son when Mom’s not around?
Watch cartoons … and mess up the house.

What are your favourite date night restaurants?
Saveur, and Flying Monkey.

Do you have a favourite shop?
Toys ‘r’ Us, where I bring my son every time I go.

Where do you like to train/exercise?

I’m not much of an exercise guy. Running around and behind my son is already like a really good exercise day for me.

What are your favourite holiday destinations with your kids?
I would love to bring my son to India, Thailand, and Disney World.

Thanks so much to Kannan and Sasti Vel for sharing their time with us, and to photographer extraordinaire Irina Nilsson for the spectacular photos taken in Kampong Glam!

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