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Tried & Tested Baby Skincare: Bioderma’s Baby-friendly ABCDerm Line

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Heard of Bioderma’s new ABCDerm line for babies? This mama tried it out on her bub and shares her fave products

I’ve always known the French brand Bioderma brand to the one of the pioneers of Micellar Water. In fact, it was their Sensibio H2O Micellar Water that converted me away from makeup wipes for removing my makeup every night!

Earlier this year, Bioderma launched the ABCDerm line, a range of products made especially for babies. I was expecting my second child when they launched and looked forward to trying out the products once my little bub was born! Here are my thoughts:

Products in the ABCDerm range:

  • ABCDerm Gel Moussant (Mild Cleansing Foaming Gel)
  • ABCDerm Hydratant (Moisturising Mild Milk Care)
  • ABCDerm Change Intensif (Diaper Rash Water Paste)
  • ABCDerm H2O (Micelle Solution)
  • ABCDerm Peri-Oral (Irritations Around The Mouth)

ABCDerm Gel Moussant (Mild Cleansing Foaming Gel)

The first product that I put to the test from the range was their cleansing gel. I used it for baby’s first bath! The gel glides so easily on his skin that I barely have to use much of it at all. Literally just a couple of pea-sized dollops and I could cover his entire little body. It felt like it had a protective moisturising effect on his skin as well due to the fact that it was so easy to apply. In the beginning, my little man had some dry peeling skin on his face and body, but after using this product for his baths, the dry skin issues just disappeared. Plus, it makes him smell so baby-sweet after a bath!

ABCDerm Hydratant (Moisturising Mild Milk Care)

As mentioned above, I noticed my little guy had dry skin after coming back from the hospital. Could have been due to the phototherapy he went through for jaundice! After using the moisturising milk along with the cleansing gel above, this went away completely after a week or so. Problem solved!


ABCDerm Change Intensif (Diaper Rash Water Paste)

Every parent’s been there – left a poo-filled diaper too long on their bub! The horror when we discovered he had a little nappy rash on his bum! The poor little guy – it must have been painful. We quickly rubbed the diaper rash paste on the affected areas and it healed within two days! Phew! We’ll keep using it whenever we see some redness, just to avoid the same situation again.


ABCDerm H2O (Micelle Solution)

I previously mentioned that I don’t give little bub a bath everyday. But sometimes he could get a little dirty in between baths. That’s when the micelle solution comes in super handy! We dab it around any dirty parts and he’s all fresh again. No need to put him through the entire bath routine till the time comes again! This is also useful for cleanups when we are out and about!


ABCDerm Peri-Oral (Irritations Around The Mouth)

I haven’t had a chance to use this product yet as my baby didn’t have any irritations around his mouth. But happy to have this handy in case the problem occurs!

All in all I’m really happy with how the ABCDerm range has worked with my baby! It’s mild, non-irritating, moisturising, and even healing (when it came to the dry skin and the diaper rash issues).


The range is currently available at Bove, Guardian, Mummy’s Market, Robinsons, 10/10 Mother & Child Essentials and Pupsik Studio.

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