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Did You Know Your EZ-Link Card Pays for Groceries, Meals & Retail? Here’s How to Earn Cashback!

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EZ-Link card doesn’t just pay for public transport and taxis; it also covers retail, meals at restaurants and hawker stalls, and student concession cards, all via contactless pay. Plus earn cashback with the EZ-Link App!

If you aren’t using your EZ-Link card to pay for that coffee, help your helper do the weekly shop at NTUC, or give your teen some spending money for meals, you’re missing out, mama! EZ-Link is the pioneer of contactless payment in Singapore and it’s a convenient, safe and hygienic way to pay without handling money.

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Did you know that your EZ-link card can hold up to $500 credit and when you’re low you can easily top up online using the EZ-Link App? This means that you can also use EZ-link to top up student concession cards (or give your kiddo allowance) from the comfort of your couch! Say goodbye to wasting your time queueing at top-up machines. Best of all, there is no additional fee for the convenience. On the contrary, you can earn $0.50 cashback every time you top up using the EZ-Link App!

The list of places you can use your EZ-link wallet is surprisingly long – everywhere from local hawker stalls to ice cream shops, and various retailers.

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Express Top Up function with the EZ-Link App*

We like the sound of earning money for spending money! With the EZ-Link App you can check your balance and transaction history. Plus when you use the Express Top Up function you can earn $0.50 cashback to your EZ-Link Wallet. Here’s how:

You’ll need to:

  1. Have an Android phone and then download the EZ-Link App
  2. Activate your EZ-Link Wallet
  3. With the Express Top Up function, you’ll then be able to top up EZ-Link cards and EZ-Link charms for yourself and friends and top up concession cards for children or parents
  4. You can then earn $0.50 cashback in to your EZ-Link Wallet with each express top-up, up to $2 per card per month.
    *EZ-Link Express Top Up currently only available for Android users. Campaign period: 1 July – 31 Oct 2020

So what are you waiting for? Download the EZ-Link App to start earning cashback on every top-up!

Brought to you in partnership with EZ-Link

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