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Is ‘Eye Rejuvenation’ the Hottest New Non-Surgical Facelift Treatment?

eye rejuvenation
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One mama tries out ‘eye rejuvenation’ for a fresher look – will she be happy with the results?

I am not sure whether the everyday wearing of masks exasperated the focus on my eye area or that my mirror stopped lying to me… But it really started to bother me that the skin around my eyes is thinning which gives more showtime to my dark under-eye circles and crappy crêpey fine lines. I discovered that the loss of volume is a natural by-product of ageing as the skin around my eyes looked more deflated and hollow – even after a good night’s sleep. When my trusted eye cream and Laura Mercier secret concealer were no longer doing their job, I decided it was time to call in the big guns and book an appointment with Dr Lee at The Aesthetic Studio.

The Aesthetic Studio is a medical aesthetic clinic that offers a comprehensive range of clinical-grade products, technologically advanced equipment, and minimally invasive procedures for the face and body. Dr Lee specialises in hand surgery and reconstructive microsurgery which requires procedures to be administered with great attention to detail so his experience lends itself perfectly to the fine, sculptural work of aesthetic treatments.

As I was considering ‘rejuvenating’ my appearance – I was advised that the eye area is a good place to start because small changes can make a tremendous difference in how “fresh” one appears. During the consultation, Dr Lee took the time to listen to my concerns and apprehension: it was important to me to keep my facial expressions, and I still wanted my children to be able to see when mama is fed up!

Dr Lee’s Eye Rejuvenation appealed to me as it is a holistic technique consisting of several stages which are customised according to individual concerns (be it eye bags, fine lines, pigmentation, hollowing or droopy eyelids). For eye bags for instance, Dr Lee has both surgical and non-surgical tools such as a radiofrequency needle to shrink the fat bag. The focus area occupies the upper third of the face; top of forehead to below the eye. The anatomy of the eye area is tricky with many dynamic changes occurring in this area, so finding a doctor with the right amount of experience and technique is so important. Dr Lee advises planning the treatments in stages over time to allow the skin to recuperate from the stimulation.

eye rejuvenationStage 1: Botox to smooth out fine lines and lift the brow

With age, skin elasticity wears off. All that frowning (from telling the kids off!), and squinting undoubtedly leaves a dent. A sprinkle of Botox can do wonders in relaxing both these deeper static lines as well as “crow’s feet” around the eyes when you smile. Botox also has the ability to lift the resting position of the brow. The balance between pulling muscles up and down is simple yet complicated depending on the understanding and skill of the doctor. If you merely chase the wrinkles on your forehead while not tackling the muscles on the side of your eyes, you could very well be weakening the ‘elevating’ muscles which pull the brow up.
Treatment: Dr Lee injected Botox, which feels like tiny rubber bands snapping at your skin (it is very bearable, especially because the area is topically iced).
Results: Within a week my deeper and fine lines dissolved drastically and my brow lifted giving me an energetic open eye appearance.

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Stage 2: Fotona Laser to improve the elasticity and skin tone of the eye area

To achieve this deeper improvement of my skin’s thickness and restore elasticity, Dr Lee used Fotona Laser – an ablative laser that burns off a little bit of skin to stimulate collagen and the regrowth of new skin which grows back thicker and more elastic.
Treatment: numbing cream was applied on my eye area, pre-treatment. However as the skin around the eyes is thinner, it is more sensitive – I absolutely felt the electric pinches of the laser on the skin which was painful. The downtime of this treatment saw the skin around my eyes turn red, feel raw, hot, and peel.
Results: After a little more than one week, I noticed that some of the deeper creases around my eyes were less prevalent and that my under eye skin looked healthier and more supple.

eye rejuvenation

Stage 3: Tear trough fillers to plump under eye area

Once the quality of my under eye skin had improved with the Fotona Laser, restoring lost volume with fillers was the third and final stage of my Eye Rejuvenation. The key to a subtle filler that appears natural looking is not to put large quantities of filler in one place. Instead, Dr Lee injects several small amounts via thin threads into different layers of skin so that it blends in instead of forming lumps.
Treatment: At my third consultation, numbing cream was applied to the skin under my eyes followed by a numbing injection. I had to keep my eyes open (!) and look up at the ceiling for Dr. Lee to inject the tear trough fillers. I did not feel any pain, however I could hear and feel the needle moving around which was unpleasant. Visualising happy thoughts and taking deep breaths helped calm my squeamish nerves.
Results: Dr. Lee had warned me that bruising is inevitable. After two weeks I am very pleased with the noticeable rejuvenation of my eye area and I have been told the fillers keep working as the hyaluronic ingredients moisturise the skin from within and continue to stimulate collagen.

So was it worth it?

It has been three weeks and my dark circles have become drastically less visible (I no longer apply a thick layer of concealer), my hollow eye sockets appear plumper and my deeper under eye lines seem less dramatic! I am also pleased to say that I have not lost any facial expression (my kids still experience my ‘not amused look’) and a neighbour whom I had not seen in a while commented on how ‘fresh’ and ‘rested’ I looked! Now if only I could feel as rejuvenated…

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Brought to you in partnership with The Aesthetic Studio. 

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