27 Jan‘24

Everyone’s Invited! Kids’ Games, Bungee Jumping, Parade, Food & More at the SAS International Fair!

SAS International Fair
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Singapore American School’s International Fair

27 January 2024, 10am – 4pm

It is so important for kids to learn how to celebrate diversity from a young age. That’s why Singapore American School prides itself in having community diversity as one of its greatest strengths. The staff and faculty at SAS strive to make sure that every student at SAS feels valued, included and cared for, regardless of culture and background. Not only does a positive climate of inclusivity at school nurture a warm and welcoming learning environment, but it also helps students become empathetic and inclusive thinkers who are prepared to make a difference for the future.

You’re invited to experience SAS’ welcoming ethos and diverse community at their epic PTA International Fair! This annual event is a highlight for the multinational SAS kids and their families so it’s the perfect opportunity to witness their community diversity and join in the cultural festivities that make SAS unique.

Go on a gastronomic journey sampling delicious food at over 16 country booths, pick up books at the used book sale, check out the vendor fair, silent auction and The American Club’s famous offerings. Kids love the international parade, and a chance to catch a glimpse of the renowned SAS Eagle mascot! Little ones can join in with the numerous fun games and there’s even the option to have a go at the bungee jump! This is an exciting celebration of cultural diversity open to everyone including non-SAS families.

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Singapore American School’s International Fair
When: 27 January 2024, 10am – 4pm
Where: Singapore American School, 40 Woodlands Street 41, Singapore 738547
How much: Free! This event is open to all SAS and non-SAS members. No registration is needed just head on down! Click here for more info.

Disclaimer: This is an external event not owned or managed by Sassy Mama. Always check with the organiser for changes or cancellations.

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Event Location

Singapore American School
40 Woodlands Street 41, Singapore, 738547, Singapore
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