28 Oct‘23

House on the Hill’s Open House: Experience Tours, Mandarin & Montessori Activities for Kids (+ get $540 off fees)

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House on the Hill Open House for Parents & Kids
28 October 2023, 9am – 12pm

Are you looking for a school that will help nurture your child to be confident and independent? House on the Hill is a vibrant preschool that stays true to the educational excellence of the Montessori Method. They even have a bespoke Mandarin programme that will help to build a bilingual foundation for your little one. Their caring and friendly team of professional teachers facilitate a safe and exciting learning environment that will nurture your little one’s unique potential.

This October, House on the Hill invites you and your child to visit any of their four campuses to experience their welcoming environment firsthand and meet their team of educators. You will also get the opportunity to learn more about how the Montessori Method, the pedagogy that serves as the backbone of their curriculum, can help your little one thrive. Kids will get to join in the fun with Mandarin storytelling and get hands-on with Montessori materials. They will even get to take home a Montessori craft!

Find out why this preschool is so popular with a diverse group of parents from all over the world! Discover their delicious nutrition programme, and bring the kids along to check out the new playgrounds at their Balmoral Crescent and Pasir Panjang campuses. This is a fabulous opportunity to have a chat with their passionate team of educators. Book your tour today!

Open House Programme Highlights:
9:15am and 10:15am –
Why Parents Should Consider House on the Hill Presentation by School Principal
9am – 12pm Personal school tours, food sampling from children’s menu, try out Montessori materials in the classroom, join in a Mandarin storytelling and Montessori craft activities for the children

Enjoy $540 off the registration fee when you attend the Open House! This promo is only valid for enrolments in Mount Sophia, Pasir Panjang and Hollandse Club.

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House on the Hill Open House (Mount Sophia)
When: 28 October 2023
Where: 33 Mount Sophia, Singapore, 228481
How much: FREE! Click here to register.

House on the Hill Open House (Pasir Panjang)
When: 28 October 2023
Where: 396 Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore 118733
How much: FREE! Click here to register.

House on the Hill Open House (Balmoral Crescent)
When: 28 October 2023
Where: 2H Balmoral Crescent, Singapore 259887
How much: FREE! Click here to register.

House on the Hill Open House (Hollandse Club)
28 October 2023
Where: 22 Camden Park, Singapore 299814
How much: FREE! Click here to register.

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Event Location

House on the Hill at Balmoral Crescent
2H Balmoral Crescent, Singapore , 259887, Singapore
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House on the Hill at Hollandse Club
22 Camden Park, Singapore, 299814, Singapore
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House on the Hill at Mount Sophia
33 Mount Sophia, Singapore , 228481, Singapore
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House on the Hill at Pasir Panjang
396 Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore, 118733, Singapore
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