16 Jan‘23 - 26 Feb‘23

Largest 3D Digital Dome Theatre in SE Asia: Have You Taken the Kids to Omni-Theatre? Get 10% Off Educational Shows

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Movie Treats at Omni-Theatre: Plus Get 10% off Tickets Now!
16 January – 26 February 2023

Have you taken the kids to experience Southeast Asia’s largest, seamless 8k 3D digital dome theatre? Singapore Science Centre’s Omni-Theatre gives families an incredible larger-than-life experience where they can explore different parts of the universe from their seats! Watch your kids marvel in wide-eyed wonder as they virtually get up close with dinosaurs and sea lions or discover world-class observatories for astronomy.

The 3D digital dome theatre at Omni-Theatre is absolutely huge and you’ll feel completely immersed in the show – just imagine a dome-shaped screen that spans 23 metres – climb up the 5-story high theatre, pick your seat and get ready for a surround sound experience!

Choose from any of these movie treats for a day of educational fun with your kids (click on the link below and enter promo code OT-PROMO10 to enjoy 10% off tickets):

Dinosaurs of Antarctica
Did you know that dinosaurs used to roam through the south polar landscapes of Antarctica? Navigate through forests and thick swamps and learn more about how these magnificent creatures of old survived through sunless, six-month polar winters. Welcome to the lost prehistoric world of Gondwana – a must-watch for older kids who are dinosaur fans.

Sea Lions: Life by a Whisker
Travel down under to the roaring ocean in Australia to learn about one of the most uniquely intelligent and playful animals – sea lions. Discover how they relate to one another and often exhibit sacrifice and bravery for the greater good. Your kids will fall in love with these adorable animals!

Big Astronomy
Ever wondered how people on earth explore outer space? Step into a planetarium show that gives you a glimpse into world-class observatories and learn why Chile represents the ideal environment for astronomy. Hear from some of the people who make these discoveries possible. Perhaps your child will be inspired to explore outer space one day!

These immersive digital experiences are a fun way to help kids (best for 7-year-olds+) learn more about the world around them. So, book your tickets now and step into a world that will blow your mind!

Movie Treats at Omni-Theatre
When: 16 January – 26 February 2023
Where: Omni-Theatre, Singapore Science Centre, 15 Science Centre Road, Singapore 609081
How much: $12.60. (U.P. $14) Click here to book tickets and enter promo code OT-PROMO10.

Use promo code OT-PROMO10 to get 10% off tickets when you book with this link.

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