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Best Meal-planning Apps/Websites for 2020 Using Ingredients You Already Have

Best Meal-planning Apps/Websites for 2020 Using Ingredients You Already Have
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Not sure what to cook with the random selection of ingredients you happen to have in your fridge? These apps will help plan the perfect family meal!

What’s for dinner, mama? Can I have a snack? Sound familiar? If you’re used to looking in your fridge or pantry and being stumped at what to cook with the odd selection of ingredients you already have – or you’re having a tough time sourcing your regular go-tos during the Circuit Breaker – there are several apps to help with planning the perfect meal. Here are the best Meal-planning Apps/Websites using ingredients you already have!

YoRipe Asian Recipes (Free)

Looking for vegetarian, keto or gluten-free recipes? Or just hunting for meal ideas that take under 30 minutes? New recipe app YoRipe filters out South East Asian recipes based on your diet and allergies. There are handy meal planning sheets and you can even order local grocery baskets through the app. Plus their upcoming feature ‘Kitchen’ will alert you to recipe recommendations and reminders of expiry dates based ingredients in your fridge.

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Best Meal-planning Apps:Websites for 2020 Using Ingredients You Already Have

Yummly (Free)

Yummly helps you find recipes online (which you can collect and save), and shows recipe ratings as well, which is useful. The “What’s in your Fridge” section allows you to note down ingredients you have at hand, and Yummly will provide recipes that match. Plus you can track nutrition with Yummly’s integration with Apple Health App on each recipe page.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner (Free)

With the Allrecipes website you browse recipe ideas filtering dietary restrictions, ingredients, cuisine type, and cooking technique. Looking for a recipe to use up your broccoli and eggs? Just type those ingredients in the search bar parameters. The handy Dinner spinner tool lets you spin through different options by dish type, ingredients you have (or don’t have), and meal cooking time. Tap to ingredients to your shopping list, which you can cook with the help of instructional cooking videos.

KitchenPal (Free*)

KitchenPal offers up over 4 million recipes to match the ingredients in your kitchen. Plus you’ll get alerts when products in your pantry are expiring, which is pretty handy to stop food wastage. *The app is normally $2.99 per month but during the stay home period they are offering it for free (including Premium features)!

Best Meal-planning Apps/Websites for 2020 Using Ingredients You Already Have

SuperCook (Free)

SuperCook is pretty cool, as not only does it suggest recipes to match ingredients in your fridge/pantry, but it allows you to manage your pantry just by your voice! Supercook is a great app for managing your ingredients at home so you don’t run low between food deliveries, plus it plans meals and shopping lists. You can narrow down suggested recipe results to choose between soups, salads, casseroles, etc – making it super easy to use cook.

Paprika Recipe Manager 3 (£4.99)

The Paprika app helps you organize your recipes, make meal plans, and create grocery lists. There’s a function that lets you save recipes from anywhere on the web to their browser and once done you can access recipes from any phone or tablet via their cloud sync. We like the “screen on” function here so once you are cooking with their app on, the screen stays, so you don’t have to worry about the screen turning off mid-cook.

Big Oven (Free)

Big Oven’s app is stocked with more than 500,000 recipes from home cooks and food bloggers and allows you to upload your recipes, too. Big Oven helps busy parents to plan shopping lists and will allow yo to save fave family heirloom recipes (the app even translates photos of handwritten recipes to format). The “Use Up Leftovers” search button is handy for making a meal out of your leftovers and random ingredients left in the fridge!

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