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National University Hospital (NUH)

5 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore, 119074
(+65) 6772 2255

NUH is the medical teaching facility of NUS, and specialises in high-risk obstetrics. This hospital provides the most comprehensive care for at-risk infants with their cardiology, ICU, neonatal care and pediatric surgery departments all under one roof. This makes NUH the choice for mamas of multiples or tricky pregnancies in Singapore. As well as medical excellence, NUH has what is probably the most progressive attitude towards natural birth, supported by their unique Emma Care system which means that midwives handle normal labours as far as possible without intervention. NUH allows water births and offers aromatherapy and doula pressure as a pain relief system.

Cost: $4,722 – $6,312 for a Ward A bed for two nights’ stay and normal vaginal assisted delivery (Emma Care package is extra).

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