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Funan – A Social Retail Space for Discovery, Learning and Shopping

107 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 179105

Home to a rich variety of more than 190 brands clustered around six passion themes – Tech, Craft, Play, Fit, Chic and Taste – Funan is set to become the centre of commercial, social and cultural activities in Singapore’s Civic District. In a range of firsts, Funan is home to Singapore’s first urban farm in a mall that is open to the public; Singapore’s first fully unmanned futsal facility; and Singapore’s first theatre venue in a mall that is designed, managed and programmed by a theatre group (Wild Rice). With a view to support the nation’s car-lite movement and serve commuters in and around Funan who cycle to work, Funan is also the first commercial development in Singapore to allow cycling through its building, complemented by a dedicated Bicycle Hub with end-of-trip amenities.

In a nod to its past, the new Funan will go beyond selling IT products to incorporating the tech experience throughout the entire development. Executives entering Funan’s twin office blocks enjoy the convenience of facial recognition turnstile access. Using one of the about 40 smart directories in Funan, shoppers can browse and search for trending merchandise before mapping the shortest route possible to reach a store with the wayfinding system. Enabled by sensors, these smart directories can also make product recommendations based on the shopper’s demographic profile.

Out of approximately 400 carpark lots at Funan, 36 lots are set aside for its carpark reservation system, whereby drivers can book a day in advance via the CapitaStar app. Upon arrival, drivers will be guided to their allocated lots by the video-based smart carparking facility. Users of Funan’s Bicycle Hub can gain access to the shower rooms using the CapitaStar app, which is also used by The Ark and Golden Village to offer seamless customer service experiences.



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