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Chi Kinjo

29 Stanley Street, Singapore 068738
6260 5284

The people behind Sum Yi Tai, Mona Lounge, and Eliza sure like a good story! The third character of their narrative is Chi Kinjo (ask them to tell you about the lady behind the name). Chi Kinjo is a Sushi & Izakaya restaurant (upstairs) and basement bar (downstairs). On the menu: contemporary Japanese cuisine helmed by the very talented Chef Lamley Chua, who has worked in restaurants like Michelin-Starred LP+Tetsu. The menu is divided into five distinct sections; StartersMaki, Aburi Nigiri, Hot Small Plates and Hot Big Plates. The food here just may challenge what you already know about Japanese cuisine with its surprising twists. Order up the dangerously easy to drink Shiso Watermelon ($14) of Shiso Sake and freshly pressed watermelon juice, and then tuck into Chi Kinjo’s 80s Spicy Tuna Roll ($16) sprinkled with smokey bonito flakes. Get your cameras ready for the Crouching Tiger Roll ($20), a stunning dish incorporating three different types of prawns — crunchy prawn tempura and tiger prawns wrapped with rice, all sprinkled with sakura ebi for crunch. If you are here for the cocktails, the Kaffir Lime Karaage ($15) will see you through; it’s a bowl full of deep-fried lime marinated crispy chicken alongside an inventive charred red pepper mayo dip. Dark reigns over light at Chi Kinjo, but the tiny space upstairs has more light to appreciate your food, while drinkers can hide in the darker den downstairs.

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