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Control the Clutter: 5 Easy Ways to Keep your Kids’ Toys Organised!

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While our kids adore playing with their toys, whether that’s building blocks, board games, or the dreaded loom bands craze that has gripped playgrounds across the city, finding an easy-to-use, storage system that our little ones can use to put their toys away easily is the holy grail of clutter control. So for all those moments when you finding yourself stepping on rogue LEGO blocks or tripping over random My Little Pony accessories, we give you five easy ways to control the toy clutter.

Bookcases are for more than just books


Lose the idea that bookcases should only be filled with well-thumbed children’s paperbacks and fill them with kids toys instead. While we realise that the ever-popular Expedit bookcases (as pictured above) have been discontinued, mamas can rest assured that the new Kallax system from IKEA is just as handy as ever, with loads of space to organise all of your child’s toys… and more.

Label it, mama!


There’ll be no more excuses for your beloved children not to know where their various knick-knacks go when you get friendly with labels. Opt for chalkboard paint if you think you’ll need to change your labels regularly (pick up your paint here) or keep it simple with a black felt tip marker and a roll of masking tape.

Plastic tubs for tiny bits and bobs

plastic tubsSource

Simple but effective, clear plastic tubs make it easy for your offspring to see exactly what’s in each box — and where it should be returned to at the end of play time! Stack them, label them and pop them on the shelf (or away in the cupboard) and teach your kids to only use one tub at a time — helping them to help you keep everything organised. Head to IKEA to get your affordable plastic (look for the Samla series mama — they’re the best ones for stacking and come in a range of sizes).

Small spaces = go up the walls


Utilise every last bit of space in your little one’s bedroom by installing wallet-friendly shelving units to the walls — not only do they look great when cleverly sorted with baskets, tubs, and fabric storage bags as above, they’re a great way to free up a bit of floor space and keep the most precious keepsakes out of reach of little hands.

When all else fails, head back to IKEA

trofast toys

Not the most glamorous of home furnishing stores we know, but their TROFAST toy storage system is just so darn handy. Small, medium, and large tubs home everything from train tracks to Barbie dolls, with the ability to add extra storage units as their toy collection inevitably grows. The best part? It’s super affordable to get started!

So that’s it mama — armed with a swag of ideas that’ll get your children’s mess sorted pronto, there’s no more excuses for drowning in toy clutter!

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