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Why this Award-Winning Curriculum Preschool Focuses on Outdoor Learning and Urban Farming

Children's Cove Preschool
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Looking for a preschool that offers outdoor learning as part of the award-winning curriculum? Sign up to Children’s Cove Preschool and get a 25% discount on school fees* (full info below)

Child-centred Children’s Cove Preschool offers a well-rounded award-winning curriculum that includes programmes to help foster a sense of character in children, as well as an understanding of nature with a farm-to-table initiative that involves urban gardening and cooking! Read on for all the info plus how you can get a 25% discount on preschool fees for the first two months as well as two sets of uniforms for free!

Children's Cove Preschool

Well-Defined Curriculum

Children’s Cove Preschool has a two-pronged approach to its overall curriculum. The first layer – Building Blocks™ – covers all planned and unplanned interactions that help foster your child’s holistic development. These interactions include various sensory experiences, transitions and routines that occur within the school in a safe space for children to learn and grow. Exploration Zone™, the second educational layer, comprises exclusive programmes that you’ll find only at Children’s Cove Preschool. These programmes help foster a sense of character in children, honing their inquisitiveness and curiosity while injecting in them a passion for learning.

Children's Cove Preschool

Outdoor Learning

Children’s Cove Preschool has three locations across the island. Its Akyab Road campus is tucked away in a black and white conservation house that also has a fabulous edible garden. Here, children can relish in the full farm-to-table experience, as they will harvest and cook their own food using garden produce such as blue pea, egg plant and okra. The Queenstown campus at Jalan Penjara has a huge outdoor space. Its 30,0000-sqft outdoor space comprises cool facilities such as outdoor forest trail and a pond. Students at the Orchard (Orange Grove) campus aren’t left out either, as they get to dig in the soil and interact with nature within the campus’ beautiful and versatile garden.


Welcome, Mum and Dad

It’s said that it takes a village to raise a child, and it’s this belief that shapes Children’s Cove’s inclusive approach to education. Here, parents play an important role in the programmes at Children’s Cove, and many of them actively participate in mentoring and teaching. Their roles in the classroom depend on their professional skills or interests.

Innovation lies at the heart of the preschool, and it’s why Children’s Cove participates in curriculum innovation projects that are supported by the Singapore Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA). With excellence at the heart of all learning at Children’s Cove, it’s easy for your child to truly thrive here!

– *Sign up by 31 March 2021 to enjoy a 25% discount on school fees for the first two months for its full-day preschool programme.
– Quote SASSY MAMA when signing up to receive an additional two sets of uniforms for free!

Thinking of enrolling your child at Children’s Cove Preschool? Contact them for a tour now! 

Children’s Cove Preschool
58 Jalan Penjara, Singapore 149382, Tel: (+65) 6655 0077
11 Akyab Road, Singapore 309975, Tel: (+65) 6655 2401
30 Orange Grove Road #08-01, Singapore 258352, Tel: (+65) 6737 1690
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