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My Child’s Teeth Are Quite Gappy! Is This Normal?

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Does your child have a ‘gappy’ smile? There could be a reason for that! The dentists at Smilefocus offer some insight

For children, gaps between teeth can be caused by habits such as tongue-thrusting, mouth-breathing, or thumb sucking. Another possible reason for those gaps is that your child may simply have small-sized teeth, or missing teeth, that are not enough to fill up all the room available in their jawbone! If your child still has their baby teeth (the first set of teeth) these may be smaller than adult teeth so bigger gaps could be normal. If you are worried about large gaps it’s best to seek dental advice as the best window of opportunity for diagnosing and treating issues like ‘gappy’ teeth is for children 9 years old and above.

Should I be worried about teeth gaps?

Gaps between teeth can cause them to look irregular, and may impact the aesthetics of a child’s jaw or mouth. It’s not just about looks though. Untreated teeth and jaw alignment issues can contribute to a lot of dental problems. For example, overcrowded teeth apart from aesthetic issues can contribute to more serious periodontal (gum and bone) problems. Additionally, unstable bite due to jaw or tooth mal-alignment can lead to major joint or muscle problems. So how can you tell if your child’s teeth gaps are normal and what can be done if they’re not?

Early intervention is essential for kids as their teeth and bones are still actively growing. Depending on the situation, these issues can be fixed with the help of dental appliances or early orthodontic treatment to improve the aesthetics.

This is where Smilefocus comes in – they’re a trusted dental clinic that has been delivering dental care to families in Singapore for over 20 years! The dentists at Smilefocus are highly skilled in dealing with children and they can help identify if your child has any dental issues, plus come up with helpful treatments.

Routine Dental Check-ups & Specialised Orthodontic Options

Offering end-to-end patient care and personal service, Smilefocus also provides a range of services from routine dental and hygiene check-ups to orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and surgical treatments – and while orthodontic input is only recommended from 9 years old, Smilefocus is able to treat children of all ages!

Their range of different orthodontic options include everything from traditional metal braces to trendier tooth coloured ceramic ones to removable clear trays more commonly known as Invisalign or Aligners. Smilefocus’ highly skilled dentists (many with international training and extensive experience) can discuss the best treatment options for your child to ensure the best results.

Schedule a visit to Smilefocus now so the dental team can work with you to discuss what’s best for your little one!

Smilefocus, Camden Medical Centre #08-02/03 and #08-07/08, 1 Orchard Boulevard, Singapore 248649, Tel: (+65) 6733 9882 / 6834 0877,

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