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Superhero Me! Drama Workshops Focus on Kids and Body Image

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Have you ever struggled with body image, mama? If the answer’s ‘yes’, your little ones may be subjected to the same doubts about their own bodies, too

The age-old debate of body image is one that doesn’t seem like it will go away anytime soon. From banning ‘excessively skinny’ models in France to an uproar over Lush Cosmetics’ Go NAKED campaign back in October, the subject is often talked about in the media, while simultaneously being a topic of discussion when it comes to ad campaigns and spreads. Though we may think it’s too soon for any of our little ones to understand such issues (or we’d prefer to leave them blissfully unaware for as long as possible), the students behind the ‘Love Every Body’ campaign beg to differ, and have created a programme in collaboration with Superhero Me aimed at children under 10:


“Body image is an issue that can affect anyone, regardless of age. While many campaigns have dealt with this issue, most of them are addressed to teenagers and adults. Media has increasingly become within the grasp of children – especially with the advent of iPads – making children highly susceptible to the negative effects of media.

“What really inspired us to target children is the fact that we love working with children and that we want them to grow up and reach their fullest potential. We feel that children should not need to feel bad about themselves due to their appearance. They should instead be having fun. Childhood memories are very precious and sacred, and everyone deserves a childhood filled with happiness.”


This is where Divya, Esther, Siva and Zafirah come in. These young women started the ‘Love Every Body’ project after finding a gap in the general education system in providing an extensive introduction in appreciating personal body image among children under 10 years old.

In collaboration with Buds Theatre Singapore, the campaign has launched drama workshops to educate child participants on how media affects the way they view body image. Through the use of drama techniques, the workshops aim to engage children and their young minds to be more judicious with what they see in the media, and dispel any stereotypes they may have of the ‘perfect’ body image.

Sound interesting? Why not sign your little ones up for the workshops next weekend mama? Through fun drama games and exercises, they’ll be exposed to a whole set of skills in understanding the messages that the general media sends. And who knows, you may just find a little actor or actress in your midst!

All the details!
Superhero Me / Love Every Body Drama Workshop for kids under 10
When: Saturday, 30 January 2016 and Sunday, 31 January 2016
Where: Woodlands Regional Library and Changi Simei Community Centre, respectively
How much: Free! Click here to register for Saturday and here for Sunday!

Lead image and image #1 sourced via Pinterest.

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