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Got Mama Acne? Here’s How to Fix It

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Acne getting you down, mama? A-DERMA’s latest Anti-blemish Fluid could be the answer. #LeaveNoMarksBehind!

We know there are bigger struggles in life than battling a zit or two, but when it’s a problem that has followed you after puberty and well into adulthood, a solution is long overdue. Sure, makeup can be a temporary fix, but we need something that helps to treat blemishes and put an end to the dark marks left behind!

Cue French dermo-cosmetic brand A-DERMA‘s new Phys-AC Perfect Fluid – a skin-perfecting, oil-free lotion that erases blemishesreduces scarring and restores balance to fragile acne-prone skin to give a smooth, radiant complexion.

How it works: first, zits be gone! It reduces any type of blemish with the combination of soothing Zincol and AHA and BHA (salicylic, glycolic and lactic acids). It then helps to diminish residual marks with Cicahylumide®, a patented A-DERMA active ingredient composed of their signature Rhealba® Oat Plantlets extract, hyaluronic acid and L-alanine L-glutamine dipeptide. The skin is then rebalanced with improved hydration and comfort, while absorbent powders and glutamic acid help control excess oil and shine. The Phys-AC Perfect Fluid is hydrating yet mattifies, making it an ideal base for your makeup!

Rhealba® Oat is a natural, plant-based active ingredient that’s at the heart of the Phys-AC Perfect Fluid and every A-DERMA product. A unique and exclusive species that has gone through 30 years of research and development, it was selected out of 26,000 varieties worldwide and identified as the purest oat with the highest concentration of anti-inflammatory molecules – best for taking down swelling gently yet efficiently.  Rhealba® Oat Plantlets extract has also been known to inhibit bacterial adhesion. Plus, it has no detectable proteins, a potential source of allergy and hyper-sensitisation – making it suitable for even the most fragile and acne-prone skin.

Could this really be the all-in-one acne treatment we’ve all been waiting for? Try it for yourself, mama! The A-DERMA Phys-AC Perfect Fluid ($49.90) is now available for purchase at Watsons and Guardians nationwide. Sign up for a sample here!

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