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5 Pregnancy Skincare Steps Every Pregnant Mama Should Follow

pregnancy skincare
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Pregnancy Skincare is in a league of its own, what with hormones on overdrive and a litany of suddenly dangerous ingredients lurking in regular beauty products. Our beauty expert will help you see the light, mama

“OMG!!! You’re glowing!”

You always assume that when you get preggers, you’ll have a brighter-than-a-bulb glow. Now that really truly depends on your hormones. If you’re lucky, they will make you shine. If you’re not, your face may resemble a teenage boy’s.

And if that isn’t worrisome enough, there’s a whole list of skincare do’s and don’ts that can be totally overwhelming. What can you apply? What should you stay away from? The list is a few miles long.

So, what is a mama to do?
Keep your skincare regimen super basic and as chemical-free as possible! We’ve broken it down into 5 easy steps that will keep you looking your pregnant best:

micellar water

1. Cleanse with Micellar water

Drop those chemical-filled cleansers – especially the ones containing acids. Instead opt for gentle Micellar water. What’s that?

Micellar water is made of ‘micelles’ or teeny-tiny oil molecules suspended in water. These tiny micelle particles cling on to sebum, dirt and makeup (even the waterproof kind), dissolving them.

And the best part, you don’t need to rinse it off. Just soak a cotton pad and swipe it all over your face. That’s it. You’re done. Your skin will be absolutely clean, non-greasy and dewy (never dry and tight).

And the best part? It suits all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

rosewater for face

2. Tone with pure Rosewater

According to ancient Ayurveda scriptures, Rosewater is the best tonic for your skin. Used by Indian royalty for centuries, it’s known to soothe, hydrate and tone skin – especially if you have been blessed with the oily and acne prone kind.

While choosing a brand, make sure it’s pure unadulterated rosewater made by steam distilling fresh roses. It should contain no other ingredient.

Tip: Rosewater also works over makeup to freshen it up and get that coveted dewy glow. Lightly spray over the powder to set it in and achieve a natural coverage.

Another awesome benefit: if you have puffy eyes or dark circles, just apply cotton pads drenched in this magic potion over your peepers and watch the swelling reduce right in front of your eyes.

moisturise face oil

3. Correct with some pure face oil

Face oils have become quite the rage today, but they are not new. They’ve been used for centuries across cultures all over the world. Only now are they getting their much-deserved recognition.

While using a face oil, though, it’s very important to pick one as per your skin type.

Oily skins benefit from argan, rosehip and jojoba oil. Acne can be reduced by tea tree oil. Dry skin types can pat on heavier oils like almond, olive or camellia oil. And sensitive skins have been calmed by chamomile oil.

moisturize like a baby

4. Moisturize like a baby.

When is comes to a moisturizer, forget all those high-end, DNA-altering, Retinol-packed, anti-aging products. These products tend to have ingredients that enter the bloodstream and may affect the baby. So steer clear. Instead, take a walk down the baby products aisle to pick a moisturizer. If it suits a baby, it will suit you.

If you’re breaking out, switch your moisturizer with pure aloe gel. It will soothe, calm and hydrate angry flare-ups.


5. Protect with baby sunscreen.
Just like your moisturizer, choose a sunscreen that you can use on babies. These tend to be thick and leave a white film on your skin, but it’s way better than having tons of chemicals sitting on your skin.


So there you have it! A quick, safe and clean diet for your skin. Because mamas deserves nothing less.

Lead image sourced via Glossier. Micellar water image sourced via She's in The Glow. Rosewater image sourced via The Healthy Maven. Face oils image sourced via Goop. Moisturize image sourced via The Viva Luxury. Baby sunscreen image sourced via Willow and Co.

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