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The Solution for Itchiness & Scratching in Eczema-Prone Skin: Ceradan Soothing Gel

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Eczema got you or your kiddos down, mama? This soothing gel may be the itch-reliever you’ve been looking for

Itch – scratch – scab gets worse – itch – scratch – repeat. If you’re prone to eczema, dry or sensitive skin, this dreaded ‘itch-scratch cycle’ may be all too familiar to you. Itching and scratching worsens skin inflammation and causes further breakdown of the skin barrier, which is why the vicious cycle continues when left untreated.

If that’s already got you itching all over, imagine what our bubs are feeling when they have a bout of the scratchies. Itch is the most common crippling symptom seen in eczema babies and children. Their skin can appear as red, rough patches on the skin and end up dry and scaly when scratched. While most cases are hereditary (if parents have eczema, the child is likely to have it too), some other causes include viral or bacterial infections, exposure to food allergens, or even after being in contact with unsuitable soaps, bubble baths or irritating fabrics (source). Sometimes these can also just cause a rash on sensitive skin, and may not necessarily be eczema.

The question still stands, though: how do we relieve the itch, fast?

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Best known for their signature formulation (3:1:1 ceramide-dominant lipid ratio), Ceradan®️ products have the optimal skin lipid ratio to rebuild the skin’s protective barrier. The Ceradan®️ range is effective yet gentle to help parents and children with fragile skin. One of the hypoallergenic products in the line is the Ceradan®️ Soothing Gel, clinically proven to provide rapid itch relief in five minutes*!

Backed up by parent company Hyphens Pharma’s years of expertise in creating highly effective products for eczema-prone, dry or sensitive skin conditions, you can trust that Ceradan®‘s Soothing Gel will become your go-to product for sensitive skin.

Containing menthol for a fast cooling sensation and optimal relief to itchy skin and polidocanol for itch relief, the Ceradan® Soothing Gel can help with itch relief that lasts. No unbearable smell or stinging, just effective itch relief to calm the skin and prevent further scratching. For optimal skin barrier repair results, Ceradan® recommends using the gel along with the Skin Barrier Repair Cream and Moisturising Wash — two gentle products that can be used for all ages!

So it’s time to say goodbye to itchy skin, mama. Pop a tube of the Ceradan® Soothing Gel into your purse or diaper bag and you’ve got a quick all-day solution to the unwelcome itch-scratch cycle!

kindergarten singaporeEnjoy 2 for 20% off all Ceradan® products in Guardian retail outlets from 5 March – 1 April 2020!

Learn more about Ceradan® Soothing Gel here!

Lead image sourced via Getty *Prakoeswa al. World Dermatology Congress Abstract. Efficacy to Control Itch and Disease Severity in Mild AD. 2019. 

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