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Tots with tickets: Riding the bus with kids in Singapore

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Ticket_to_ride_dcgAs parents we sometimes struggle to see what our kids enjoy about certain things, like watching a running tap for long periods of time or opening and closing the same door over and over again. Often I find myself getting impatient or annoyed, trying to pull the kids away from something that I (as an adult) have labeled as “boring”.

These situations cause quite a number of melt-downs and one particular topic of ‘discussion’, for lack of better word when said discussion is being had with a 3-year old, is whether to go on the bus or not. Here is what usually happens: we are on our way to do something that mama has labeled as ‘fun’ and whilst walking past the bus stop my eldest starts screaming:

– “Bus, bus I want to go bus!”

– “Oh no, not now dear. We are on our way to pay a fortune at a soft playroom today, won’t that be fun?”

– “But I want to ride bus!”

By now my youngest joins in (yep, they gang up on me) repeatedly shouting one of his favorite words: “Baaasss!” Well, the other day I had what I’d like to refer to as an aha-mama-moment. Whilst our usual bus episode unfolded before my eyes, I turned around and went: “Sure guys, let’s go on the (friggin’) bus!”

bus1What then followed this spur-of-the-moment decision was a 2 and ½ hour bus ride around Singapore. We boarded (only double-deckers by the way) and then we rode and rode. Now, you may think this sounds super boring. The truth is, it’s actually quite nice. The kids are completely mesmerized by the fact that they are on the bus and are constantly pointing at things as you go by. Mama can have a good snooze (yeah, right… that’s the deluxe version when your helper comes along) or at least time to read, catch up on email or just sit. And need I remind you, all this can done without a single bit of bad conscience. The kids are over the moon, mama is somewhat relaxed and literally just along for the ride. Beat that if you can!

If this sounds like a killing-me-softly type of thing to you, then just walk on by the bus stop (if you can..). Sounds familiar? My secret favourite bus route is getting on the no. 30 from Vivocity direction Bedok MRT. It’s a fairly long ride (about 40 minutes or so) but you’ll drive past landmarks such as Marina Bay Sands, Tanjong Pagar Railway station (built in 1920s) and Singapore Flyover to just mention a few.

May the baasss be with you mamas!



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