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Raising Eco-Activist Kids Like Greta Thunberg: This School Has What It Takes

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The world needs more eco-activist kids like Greta Thunberg doesn’t it? Parents and schools need to teach children to be kind to the environment and address climate change before it’s too late

Climate change is not a new problem, but it is going to be one of the biggest challenges for today’s generation of young people to address. Climate change will continue to pose a more significant threat to them and future generations, so isn’t it essential that children learn about being kind to the environment from an early age? Shouldn’t we all be trying to raise eco-activist kids?

eco-activist kids at OWIS

At Home: Start Teaching Your Kids to Be Kind to the Environment 

Parents can use some of these simple tips to teach their children how to be kind to the environment:

  • Spend time outdoors and in nature. When your kids experience nature for themselves, they will feel more compelled to protect the environment.
  • Start a family garden. Even if this means just growing herbs and a few vegetables in gardening pots on the balcony, show children first-hand how food is grown and how delicious it is when it’s fresh from the garden. If you have constraints with starting a garden, watch educational videos with your children about gardening and environmental responsibility.
  • Recycle and reuse. Allow your children to select clothes and toys that they have outgrown and explain how those items can be given new life. Opt for reusable bottles in the home, and avoid plastic cutlery. Teach your children to avoid single-use plastic items whenever possible.

As a parent, you play a crucial role in raising awareness about environmental sustainability. But how can you ensure this key lesson continues when your child is not at home? Given that kids spend much of their day at school, it makes sense to choose a school that also prioritises the environment.

eco-activist kids at OWIS
Grade 3 students at OWIS raised funds to donate to the World Wildlife Fund of Singapore

Choosing a School that Teaches Kids to Be Kind to the Environment

In order to reinforce the message that it’s necessary to be kind to the environment and to be conscious of environmental impact, choosing a school that values sustainability is key. One World International School is a great choice of school because kindness is a core value here. The teachers and administrators have implemented programmes and initiatives that encourage students to be kind to themselves, to others and to the environment.

Some of the ongoing initiatives and recent events at OWIS that promote environmental responsibility include:

  • School Clean Up Days: As part of Kindness Week, students were asked to play an active role in maintaining their school by cleaning up the playground, the canteen and other common areas.
  • Funfair for the World Wildlife Fund: Grade 3 students had the opportunity to organise a funfair for the school, and the funds they raised were donated to the World Wildlife Fund of Singapore. It was an exciting way for them to utilise the 21st-century skills they had been taught throughout the school year as well as carry out the school’s commitment to environmental responsibility.
  • Kindness Council: The OWIS Kindness Council is a democratically-elected council of students who are asked to be kindness representatives for their grade level. Not only do they model kind behaviour, but they also create new kindness initiatives for the school. These initiatives include activities and events that promote being kind to the environment.

OWIS is committed to teaching children to be sustainable and responsible. Given the fact that kindness plays a critical role in the school’s culture, it comes as no surprise that children are also taught to be kind to the environment. With open-air spaces and a free-flowing campus design, it is easy for students to feel more connected to nature and adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. We all have to do our part in raising little eco-activists!

To learn more about how OWIS teaches children to be kind to the environment, set up a virtual tour today!

One World International School
Nanyang Campus: 21 Jurong West Street 81, Singapore 649075, Tel: (+65) 6914 6700
East Coast Campus: 
Block G, 231 Mountbatten Road, Singapore 397999, Tel: (+65) 6914 7350

Brought to you in partnership with OWIS Image credits: Image 2# Pexels

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