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Sassy Mama’s A-Z Pregnancy Guide

pregnancy guide

Take a deep breath and relax, it’s all covered in our ultimate A-Z Pregnancy Guide for all mamas-to-be

Are you getting ready to welcome home a new member of the family? If you are, we know that prepping and caring for a new little bundle of joy is exciting, but can sometimes be intimidating too. So to take off some stress off your shoulders we’ve prepared an A-Z pregnancy guide just for you.

A is for Acupuncture
Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years, relieving mamas of their pregnancy woes. Acupuncture keeps your blood-flow moving as it should, and can also be used to reduce inflammation in joints and ease muscle tension. Herbal remedies, such as acupuncture, are an effective way to ease this pain without popping any harmful pills at all. Trust us mamas, give it a try, you’ll be thanking us later. Read our in-depth guide here!

B is for Baby shower
When it comes to life’s big events a baby shower is definitely one of the most important and it can be a fun excuse to bring all of your close friends together in celebration of your bump. Don’t feel like you need to break the bank, you can create a tasteful and fun event with some personal DIY touches that you can nab online.

C is for Caesarean section
The old saying “too posh to push” is thankfully long forgotten. C-sections are now just as common as vaginal births and we’ve got a nifty guide for you here so you can be informed about this type of delivery.

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D is for Diaper Bag
Finding the right diaper bag will ease the stress of taking your tot-to-be out on the town. Diaper changes, and emergency outfit swaps, will be much easier with a functional and well-organised diaper bag. There is no need to sacrifice style for functionally as there are many place to score a good-looking diaper bag online and around Singers. Make sure to check our our Sassy Mama approved collection here!

E is for Epidural
An epidural can help with pain during your delivery and is one of the most discussed methods too! If you prefer a more natural route there are many alternative pain relief methods that are worth checking out.

F is for Fashion
Your pregnancy should not, and will not, hinder your sense of style if you don’t want it to. Fashion-forward maternity collections are easy to find … if you do a little digging. We know you’re busy, so we’ve already done plenty of digging for you. View our top pics from Singapore’s best boutiques here


G is for Green pregnancy
All mamas are conscious about their own health and well-being, but it’s time to start being mindful about the health and well-being of the little one you’ve got on board too. To let you in on our little secret, it’s actually pretty easy going green during pregnancy. For starters, all you’ll have to do is make some simple changes to the foods you eat and the products that you use. Add more natural cosmetics and whole foods to your life and eliminate chemicals one by one!

H is for Herbal Remedies
Has pregnancy left you feeling a little bit worse for wear? Well don’t fret mamas; there are endless herbal remedies to help you through these next few months. Herbal remedies are a two-fold blessing- they can help you feel better and they stop you from reaching for strong and harmful meds. They may also improve your mood, give you a better sleep, and strengthen your immune system. However, certain remedies are not made to be used by mamas-to-be, so make sure you consult someone a doctor. Read our guide on which herbal remedies to take during your pregnancy here.

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I is for Insurance
Having good insurance coverage during, and after, your pregnancy is essential for peace of mind. You’ll depend on your health insurance for everything from prenatal care and maternity care to paediatric visits and immunisations for your tot. So mamas you’ll want to know what your health insurance does or doesn’t cover before you start booking too many appointments. For more in-depth information be sure to check out our full review on family insurance here.

J is for Jogging
Still have the urge to get on the treadmill mama? No worries, Jogging is an amazing full-body workout that is safe for you and your bump. That being said, take everything into account; listen to your body, and stop if you need to. A brisk walk is equally as beneficial as a slow jog. We have three tips for our active mamas-to-be who love to jog. Remember to bring water, stretch and keep your doc in the loop.

K is for Kegals exercises
Kegals are an important maintenance routine mama. In order to strengthen the pelvic floor, do Kegal exercises at least twice a week. Trust us mamas, you’ll be thanking yourself later.

L is for Labour classes
Even though taking labour classes isn’t a requirement for giving birth, we still think that they’re an important and worthwhile investment. You’ll learn about pain control techniques and hospital procedures and you might discover a network of people who are expecting little ones too.

M is for Morning Sickness
Bouts of morning sickness are enough to ruin a entire day – if you aren’t well equipped to combat them. Mamas don’t let the dreaded morning sickness get you. There are plenty of magical natural remedies that will lessen the woes of morning sickness. Try to add more ginger into your diet, take 25mg of zinc supplements daily, or eat a small protein snack before you go to bed every night. These small changes may just do the trick. We’ve got a ton of morning-sickness fixes in a nifty guide for you too!

N is for Natural Birth
There are many ways to prepare yourself, and your bump, for a natural birth. Meditation, deep breathing and other yoga techniques can help make natural birthing a smooth and rewarding process. For more info, have a read of our in-depth guide to having a natural birth.

O is for OB/GYN
Now that you’re expecting, you’ll undoubtedly be making lots of trips to the doctors office and you’re going to want to find the one that’s right for you. When choosing an OB/GYN you should consider your insurance plan, which hospitals the doctors have admitting privileges to, the OB/GYN’s personality, the location of the office itself, and the other staff members at his or her practice. Take your time and find one that will make you feel like you’re in safe hands. It’s a worthwhile investment for sure.

P is for Prenatal Pampering
Rest and relaxation are crucial components for the growth and development of your bump, so pamper away mamas. First, be sure to swap out any beauty products with high chemical content for beauty products with little to no chemical content. Many of your favourite brands will have alternative solutions catered to you during this special time.

Q is for Quickening
The first time you feel your baby move can be an exciting and confusing moment. Mamas have described the feeling like bubbles, butterflies or gas. Haven’t felt your baby yet? Expect to feel movement for the first time somewhere between 18 and 24 weeks.

R is for Reflexology
Reflexology is often used to ease the tension in your back and joints that is caused from your ever-growing bump. Practitioners apply pressure to certain pressure points to allow energy to flow freely from the rest of the body, which increases blood flow, and ultimately allows all the toxins built up in your body to be removed faster.

S is for Stroller
A good stroller is like a good handbag. Once you have it, it will last and it will make your life a million times easier. The best strollers have compartments, retractable covers and are foldable yet durable. When you find the one that’s right for you snap it up fast!

T is for Travel
Take a baby-moon mamas!! It’s the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to recharge and reconnect before your are joined by a new member of the crew. The second trimester of your pregnancy is the perfect period to take this vacation, as morning sickness is usually over and your bump isn’t all that big yet. For a week, or just a few nights, you can forget about baby names and pregnancy classes, so you can just focus on one another.

U is for Ultrasound Scans
During pregnancy an ultrasound scan can be used to look at the growth and development of your baby-to-be. Ultrasounds are safe for both mother and baby because they do not use ionising radiation (the type of radiation in an x-ray). It’s common to get your first ultrasound scan around the 19-20 week mark.

V is for Vaccinations
Certain preventable infections can be harmful during pregnancy, so if you’re planning on getting pregnant, take a visit to your doctors office to make sure that all of your vaccines are up to date well in advance. Women can get vaccinated during their pregnancy, but there are some risks associated with this. Vaccines come in three forms: live virus, dead virus and toxoids. Dead virus form and toxoids can be safe during pregnancy. Live virus form is not safe. Regardless, do your research and ask a lot of questions before you consider getting vaccinated during your pregnancy.

W is for Water aerobics
Water aerobics is a great workout for mamas-to-be. The water will take pressure off of your joints, but the resistance will give you the tough workout that you’re craving.

X is for X-rays
It’s always important to be aware of the negative effects that X-rays can have on your bump during pregnancy. So we say, try to avoid them if you can and always ask for a second opinion. Even though there are some ways in which you can have an x-ray without it being harmful, if it isn’t 100% necessary we say steer clear. It just isn’t worth the risk.

Y is for Yoga
Keeping loose and limber during your pregnancy is very important, and yoga can help you with this. Doing some yoga every week will help maintain overall your fitness and your peace of mind.

Z is for Zzzz’s
Sleep is valuable even if you are not expecting. More importantly good sleep is critical for the development of your bump. Mama, try to get at least 8 hours of zzzz every night.

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