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CHICKFITREAT with UFIT: The Ultimate Girls’ Healthy Getaway in Bali

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Our founder Hester gives five reasons why you should check out UFIT’s awesome CHICKFITREAT in Bali this November, mama!

Earlier this year I felt like I needed a bit of a break from my everyday life: my husband had been away for two months studying in the US, and being alone with the kids and working full-time had taken a bit of a toll. I felt in need of a bit of “self-care” (does anyone else hate that phrase?!) but I didn’t feel like a retreat or a yoga holiday – I wanted something that felt upbeat, positive and full of energy.

Enter UFIT’s CHICKFITREAT, and yes you are reading that word correctly! CHICKFITREAT is a three-day getaway in Bali with a group of like-minded women (mostly mamas) looking for exercise, relaxation and healthy living. Oh, and maybe a few cocktails, massages and a bit of shopping thrown in too!

CHICKFITREAT is masterminded by Singapore’s very own lifestyle guru (and That Mama!) Lisa Clayton, the gorgeous co-founder of UFIT and an expert on living a positive and high-energy life. Here’s what I liked about the experience, and why you should consider joining CHICKFITREAT for their November session:

Get out of your fitness comfort zone

Lisa builds the CHICKFITREAT itinerary around a really diverse set of activities, designed to get you out of your comfort zone and trying new things. We did Bootcamp sessions, Crossfit, a class that I can only describe as Aerobics on Steroids, RunFit, Pilates, Yoga and even Aqua Aerobics! Some of the classes I found super-fun and inspiring; others I probably wouldn’t willingly choose to do again on a regular basis, but each one was challenging and could also be done at my own pace.

Get inspired

Being around a group of women who were all at very different stages of their fitness “journey” – from near-total beginners (or those who were post-partum), to uber-fit UFIT personal trainers – was super-inspiring as it really showed that attitude and determination is what counts the most when it comes to your fitness. “Just Do It” might be a Nike slogan, but what all the CHICKFITREAT participants have in common is a lust for life and the willingness to show up and put the work in. UFIT’s personal trainers helped to share their expertise, and there was even a physio on hand to give special attention to anyone working around injuries or coming back after having babies.

Make new connections

I was on nodding and smiling terms with a couple of the other CHICKFITREAT participants, but didn’t really know anyone in the group. As an introvert, I was a little nervous about how it would feel to be constantly part of a big gang, but I found that as well as still getting plenty of alone time to chill, I enjoyed the social aspect of the group meals. Activities like surfing were also really fun to do as a group — there’s nothing like looking really silly to bring barriers between people down quickly!

Relax and recharge

Four days away from the kiddos felt like a real indulgence, and I was a little embarrassed to tell friends what I was planning in case of being judged, but having the ability to relax and recharge (while being busy enough to keep the guilt away!) was really wonderful. Everyone was treated to a massage each day, and the accommodation was really beautiful, with gorgeous sea views that helped with the relaxation!

Healthy and delicious food

Lisa and the UFIT team (special shout-out to the super-organised Vanessa who kept this diverse group of women on track and on time for all activities!) have really put so much time and thought into creating a really beautiful and healthy experience, and nowhere is this more apparent than through the food that is served. They don’t just rely on villa catering, but sought out amazing salads, smoothie bowls and great coffee to be delivered to the house throughout your stay, so you can really feel nourished from the inside out.

If you’re interested in getting more info about the next CHICKFITREAT (running from 9th – 12th November 2017 in Bali), click through to the UFIT website to find out more. UFIT are also running a unisex retreat (open to everyone – including families!) over the public holiday from 31st August – 3rd September 2017 in Phuket.

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