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Parental Resources for Kids’ Internet Safety, Screen Time, & Social Media

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Here is where you’ll find resources on screen time, internet safety for kids, media literacy, what to know about kids using social media, and more!

Parenting kids in the digital age comes with so many questions and concerns. Teaching our kids how to be media literate and good digital citizens for their own safety and to make the most out of technological advances is a constant balancing act. How much screen time should you let your kids have and from what age? At what age should your kids be allowed on social media or to have their own phone? What should you be concerned about when your kids access the web (and can you protect them from online predators and social media addiction)? Whether you have young kids looking at educational apps or the internet for school, or older teens using social media, here is where we hope you will find some of the answers to concerns on cybersecurity, screen time, social media and more.

Parental Resources for Kids’ Internet Safety

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