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Environment, Educators and Community: What Makes LeClare Preschool Different

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From their amazing roof top adventure park to their unique weekly field trips, LeClare Preschool is all about making learning fun through the joy of discovery

The best kind of preschool is one that can inspire each child’s curiosity and inquisitiveness into a place of discovery and learning. This is at the heart of the LeClare Preschool approach, where children’s passions are ignited by a uniquely stimulating environment, caring and dedicated teachers, and true community participation. It takes a village, right mama?

leclare preschool chalkboard

Let’s start at the top (literally!) with LeClare’s amazing Roof Top Adventure Park, where children get to begin every single fun-filled day. Little ones can choose riders, scooters or an age-appropriate playground, while older kids can challenge themselves on the taller wooden playground, or explore the trampoline and giant chalkboard.

Children set up their own rules of play, which helps to develop leadership, independence and creativity.

leclare preschool paint

And the fun continues when they move indoors! LeClare’s dedicated teachers strive to make each and every lesson as fun as it can be. From bringing in their favourite toy for ‘show and tell’, to watching in amazement as paint splatters inside a salad spinner (and ultimately concluding that mixing every colour will give you brown!), children spend their days discovering. This kind of play-based learning is actually what sets the strongest foundation for successful future learning in primary school!


We all know that so much learning takes place outside the classroom walls, and LeClare has actually made outdoor experiential learning a part of its curriculum with weekly visits to its neighbours in Shaw Towers. Children are naturally curious about new people and the things they do in their shops, and LeClare students get to put this into action, from visiting a nearby florist to learning how a barista makes coffee.

leclare preschool community

Meanwhile, they learn about the importance of being part of a community; over the holidays they donned costumes and went caroling, then distributed Christmas cookies that they’d baked during their culinary art lesson. Whose workday wouldn’t be brightened by a visit from adorable and inquisitive little neighbours?

So if your number one priority is to make learning fun for your child – while ensuring that their sense of wonder and discovery is always encouraged – why not check out LeClare Preschool for yourself, mama?

You can book in a tour of their amazing facilities and meet their team by emailing [email protected] or calling (+65) 6969 9479 or (+65) 8388 7377.

If it takes a village to raise a child, this is definitely a village we want to be a part of!

LeClare Preschool, Shaw Towers, 100 Beach Road #02-07/17, Singapore 189702, (+65) 6969 9479/(+65) 8388 7377

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