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“Kids Today Have No Respect!” Here’s How XCL World Academy is Changing That Perception!

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Respect is an oft-overlooked aspect of a child’s education, but at XCL World Academy, respect of oneself, of others and the environment is at the core of this international school

It’s common to hear people say that children these days have no respect. But how do you teach a child to respect themselves and others? Respect is woven into the very fabric of XCL World Academy (XWA). This family-oriented international school caters to students aged 2 to 18 and believes in moulding each child to be the best they can be. And while every child is assessed on their academic results, XWA also places high value on who they have the potential to become. Here’s how this inclusive school meets children where they are and effectively teaches them about the power of respect.

Respecting our differences: celebrating diversity

Diversity and inclusivity are hot topics in many institutions these days, but XWA is already a seasoned pro in this area. After all, intercultural education is a big deal here. Not only does the student population comprise more than 60 nationalities, but the teaching staff represents more than 20 nationalities, too. This multi-cultural environment paves the way for students to learn about respecting others despite their differences. XWA encourages this by introducing students to various cultural events such as Language and Cultural Week celebrations, observing festivals like Diwali and much more. These events provide both the staff and student body with new experiences and a shared understanding of others’ cultural values and beliefs. And while respecting others is a lifelong process of self-reflection, the school lays a solid foundation that helps “challenge students’ own cultural biases and realise their own limitations about cultural knowledge,” says Vanessa Samuel, the school’s Primary Years Counsellor.

Respecting oneself: healthy eating, self-care and exercise

Achieving stellar academic results is only possible when children respect their bodies, and one of the ways to master this is through practising self-care habits such as eating well and exercising regularly. XWA gives their students a good headstart with a robust sports curriculum that includes competitive teams for badminton, football, basketball, netball, track and field, swimming and more. Participating in and committing to a sport teaches children how to value their abilities and needs, and teaches them respect for their peers, coaches and opponents. In addition, the school offers a diverse programme of extra-curricular activities and an elite sports programme.

But exercise isn’t the only way to respect yourself. Maintaining a healthy, well-balanced diet is just as important. At XWA students are given a balanced, nutritious menu that has been carefully designed by two-Michelin star chef Emmanuel Stroobant.

Respecting the environment

The world edges closer to an environmental tipping point daily, which is why it is so important now to ensure that children are taught to protect our one and only home. XWA is strongly committed to instilling awareness in students about their actions towards the planet, and how each one affects the world we live in. The teachers often encourage students to share their enthusiasm and ideas for greener living, sustainability and more.

If teaching these core values of respect has resonated with you and what you want for your child, why not book a personalised virtual tour with the school’s Admissions Manager or schedule your campus visit today!

XCL World Academy, 2 Yishun Street 42, Singapore 768039, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 6230 4230,

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