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Kids’ Chinese Dance Training & Parent-Child Classes at Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre (+ Discounts for New Sign-Ups!)

Chinese dance singapore - Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre classes
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Want to get your tot or older child into Chinese dance? Try these Chinese dance programmes from the Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre – there’s everything from parent-child classes to graded dance lessons for older kids!

Dancing is a great way to beat the blues of being cooped up at home. In addition to health benefits for kids – think improved coordination, stamina, muscle tone, posture and better cognitive and memory skills – dance is also just plain fun. And if your child is already asking for dance lessons, then Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre (SCDT) may have a suitable programme just for them with their range of classes for different ages and interests!

Chinese dance singapore - SCDT Kids Performances

A programme for everyone

A mainstay in Singapore’s cultural arts scene since 1989, the Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre is a proponent of Chinese dance training and aims to inspire, nurture and connect the community through dance. They take pride in their education initiatives and provide a versatile spread of Chinese dance programmes. Whether your little one is interested in learning the fundamentals of Chinese folk dance, enjoys dance as a relaxing, after-school activity or simply wants to gain more exposure to Chinese dance in Singapore, there’s something here to please. Better still, SCDT also offers classes for adults, so you can get a feel of their approach to teaching.

Dance-loving tots are welcome to try the SCDT’s First Step programme (ages 4-6), which will train them in rudimentary Chinese dance techniques and improve their musicality and temperament. Your little one won’t need prior experience to join, but a trial class is advised so the instructors can observe if your child is able to follow the class. Got a sporty tot at home? They’ll love the Martial Dance programme (ages 6-12), which blends Chinese dance methods and Chinese martial arts, allowing them to punch, jump and strike to rhythmic music. When your child wants to learn Chinese dance seriously, then consider the Chinese Folk Dance Syllabus Programme (ages 6-18) and get them accredited. Compiled by renowned professionals from China, this programme exposes them to the cultures and dances of 56 ethnic groups in China.

Chinese dance singapore - SCDT Parent Child Class Singapore

Bond through dance

Looking for something fun to do together with your child? Then you’re going to love SCDT’s upcoming parent-child classes. These sessions are all about having fun together, and you’ll both learn basic dance steps and terminology through songs, stories and play. Not only is this a fun way to learn, but your child will also develop better body movement and control and an interest in music. The parent-child classes are suitable for kids aged 3 to 4.5 years old.

Your child will be in the best hands at this dance programme, as all of SCDT’s dance classes are conducted by trainers who are qualified in Chinese dance instruction – they are certified by an official accreditation centre from China (as well as being certified in CPR and AED skills, too). This makes SCDT a safe and enjoyable space for your child to learn more about Chinese cultural art forms while having a good time.

Interested in signing up for a trial class? Email [email protected] for more.

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