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Making Maths Fun (and Seriously Addictive!)

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Hands-on activities make learning maths fun and interesting at this multi award-winning enrichment programme

Struggling to teach your little one the basics of maths? Or are you simply looking to get away from rote learning and instil a real passion for numbers in your kids? S.A.M (Seriously Addictive Maths) is a multi-award-winning math enrichment program for kiddos aged between 4 and 12 years old. Based on the internationally-renowned Singapore Maths curriculum, the programme is trusted and recommended by parents from countries around the world.

Developed by former school teachers and publishers, S.A.M.’s holistic approach to mathematics has one key goal: helping your child excel in maths. Critical thinking, logical reasoning and metacognition are amongst the many skills that S.A.M focuses on. Using a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach to teach new concepts, the learning journey seamlessly moves from the physical to mathematical.

This form of personalised classroom teaching engages your child on a journey through self-discovery and learning, a journey that is FUN and not forced!

S.A.M Maths enrichment programme

Slow learner or mini Einstein? Don’t worry, mama! Each student gets on a personalised learning plan based on pace and ability. The Classroom Experience is conducted by certified S.A.M teachers who keep little ones busy with games, dialogue and interactive, fun experiences.

Classrooms sessions are complemented by the use of carefully crafted worksheets that help children learn and engage with mathematical concepts. S.A.M’s step-up worksheets are designed to introduce concepts with incremental levels of difficulty so kids gradually get the hang of maths and the associated skills. With hands-on activities that make maths interesting, students get a better understanding of concepts, one encouraging step at a time.


Seriously Addictive Maths: How to Have Fun With Numbers

And with 10 locations islandwide, S.A.M is easily accessible, too. Number crunching that’s seriously addictive and fun – it’s time to get your child’s mathematical journey started today, mama!

Seriously Addictive Maths, see all locations here,

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