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Want Your Child to Actually Enjoy Maths? Try One of Seriously Addictive Maths’ Fun Learning Programmes!

Seriously Addictive Maths
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If your child turns on the waterworks at the thought of their maths class, consider Seriously Addictive Maths’ unique learning approach that makes maths fun!

Struggling to teach your little one the basics of maths? Or are you simply looking to get away from rote learning and instil a real passion for numbers in your kids? S.A.M (Seriously Addictive Maths) is a multi-award-winning maths enrichment programme for kiddos aged between 4 and 12. Based on the internationally-renowned Singapore Maths curriculum, the programme is trusted and recommended by parents from countries around the world.

Making maths fun again

Developed by former school teachers and publishers, S.A.M’s holistic approach to mathematics has one key goal: helping your child excel in maths. Their programme is designed to prepare your child to ace mathematics from Primary 1 through to the PSLE. The classroom experience is conducted by certified S.A.M teachers who keep little ones busy with games, dialogue and interactive, fun experiences. Classrooms sessions are complemented by the use of carefully crafted worksheets that help children learn and engage with mathematical concepts. S.A.M’s step-up worksheets are designed to introduce maths concepts with incremental levels of difficulty so kids gradually get the hang of maths and the associated skills. With hands-on activities that make maths interesting, students get a better understanding one encouraging step at a time.

The programme is a hit with parents, too! Mrs Kelly, mum to S.A.M student Beverly was worried when her daughter went to Primary 2, as it proved to be a steep learning curve for Beverly because of the multiple-step word problems especially model drawings. “S.A.M’s trainers taught her how to analyse word problems systematically, draw the correct models or use other methods to accurately solve word problems. She got perfect scores for her recent maths tests and she is in love with maths all over again!” she explains.

Seriously Addictive Math - Hands on Learning

More just than academic skills

Critical thinking, logical reasoning and metacognition are amongst the many skills that S.A.M focuses on. Using a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach to teach new concepts, the learning journey seamlessly moves from the physical to the mathematical. This form of personalised classroom teaching engages your child on a journey through self-discovery and learning, a journey that is fun and not forced! Along the way, they’ll develop good study habits, which will further boost their learning journey in the classroom and at home, while motivating them and helping them gain confidence. A low student-teacher ratio also means children receive personalised attention from tutors. S.A.M students are also asked to complete a comprehensive diagnostic assessment, which pinpoints topics your child will require additional support with. Afterwards, a customised learning plan is tailored to suit your child’s learning level and pace, which helps build their self-confidence and mastery.

Mrs Elaine sends her daughter Charlaine to S.A.M and is impressed by her progress. Charlaine, is being taught higher levels of maths for her age and has no issues with the pace of math being taught in school. “She enjoys the fun lessons at S.A.M and their heuristics lessons have honed her thinking skills. She can analyse and solve word problems and present her answers in a concise manner. I am very impressed that my Primary 2 child can solve tricky math questions without the need to memorise anything. The ability to understand how math works is very valuable and S.A.M has helped her to develop this skill,” says Mrs Elaine.

Seriously Addictive Maths Phonics programme

Phonics is fun, too

S.A.M also has a language arm called Seriously Addictive English (S.A.E). Based on the UK’s leading after-school English programme, children between the ages of 4 and 12 will learn through a structured phonics approach that’s backed by an integrated literacy skills curriculum. Simply put, the programme simplifies English into 44 sounds that helps little learners master reading and spelling. This means they’ll learn how to read fluently and write confidently in no time! Children between the ages of 4 and 7 will develop vocabulary, early comprehension,  fine motor and phonics skills that will help them read, spell and write, while those aged 8 to 12 will get to consolidate their reading skills, master spelling and vocabulary as well as grammar, punctuation, planning and independent writing abilities.

With 9 locations islandwide, S.A.M is easily accessible, too. Number crunching that’s seriously addictive and fun – it’s time to get your child’s mathematical journey started today!

Seriously Addictive Maths, multiple locations,

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