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OWIS Suntec: The School Known for Kindness Comes to the Heart of Singapore

Suntec campus One World International School (OWIS)
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Exciting news! One World International School (OWIS) opens a new campus in the CBD of Singapore, conveniently located at Suntec

The Nanyang campus of One World International School (OWIS) has been bustling with students since its launch in 2018 (though the school itself started more than a decade ago with a campus in the East). Yet, in virtual tours and meetings with admissions, the team often heard one statement from families – “We love your school and your philosophy, we just wish you were a little closer to us!”

The school’s leadership understood that for expat families residing close to the centre of Singapore, commuting a long distance is not always a possibility for their young children. So the school was delighted when an opportunity arose to bring their much-loved learning approach to the Central Business District of Singapore.

Owis Suntec

OWIS Suntec: a new international school campus in the heart of Singapore

OWIS Suntec is a new addition to the One World International School family. The new campus, located at Suntec, right in the heart of Singapore, will be a vibrant hub of learning for Kindergarten to Grade 5 students (later the school will eventually grow to Grade 8). Mirroring the reputed OWIS learning approach, children at OWIS Suntec will enjoy the inquiry-led and play-based curriculum and premium spaces that will be customised for optimal learning.

The prime location of the campus in the Central Business District of Singapore makes it easy to reach through public or private transport. An international school campus that is very centrally located is quite a rare find! The school also plans to leverage this excellent location for its CCA programme and it will partner with specialist CCA schools nearby to give students the chance to develop their passions and interests.

OWIS Mark Renie


OWIS Suntec is in the steady hands of seasoned educators

OWIS parents always vouch for its value system – kindness and respect for diversity are top priorities among students and teachers alike. Building this warm and welcoming community spirit and ensuring students are happy in the learning environment will be a key task for the experienced academic staff, led by Mark Renie, Head of School, OWIS Suntec. His 18 years of rich experience in international education across Asia will come into play, and he is very excited by the prospect of working with the teachers, parents and students to build a kind and caring school community.

He adds, “At OWIS Suntec, we have the opportunity to really reimagine learning spaces. Our large classrooms and discovery zones will allow us to create learning environments that will meet the needs and interests of all learners. And through student-centred and inquiry-based learning opportunities, OWIS Suntec will nurture curiosity, imagination and creativity.”

If you would like to know more about why your child will love being at this international school in the heart of Singapore, please get in touch with the school or join a virtual open house!

Owis Suntec Campus, 3 Temasek Boulevard, Level 3, Singapore 038983, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 6914 6700,

Brought to you in partnership with One World International School (OWIS)

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