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Is Your Child Ready to Quit Maths? Wait! This ‘No Memorisation’ Approach Gets Kids Confident in Maths

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Does your child become frustrated easily with maths word problems and concepts? Seriously Addictive Maths has a unique approach that doesn’t involve memorisation – it will change how they understand maths!

You may have noticed that your child finds certain maths problems challenging or that they have lost interest in doing their maths homework. Or maybe they outright hate maths right now!? It’s possible to help your child learn to love maths with a little help from Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M). After all, they aren’t the world’s largest Singapore maths enrichment programme for nothing! A popular choice with parents from around the world, S.A.M is based on the internationally-renowned Singapore Maths curriculum and is designed to help children aged 4 to 12 develop an interest and understanding in maths. We take a look at how some of the common reasons kids get frustrated with maths and lose confidence in this subject, plus how S.A.M’s approach can turn things around for them!

Seriously Addictive Maths teaching approach

‘My child does not know how to apply Maths concepts’

Simple arithmetic operations or multiplication tables may be a breeze for little ones in N2 all the way up to Primary 1. But some children often struggle when the wording in a mathematical question is changed, or the difficulty level increased. Often, this is because they understand the ‘how’, but not the ‘why’ due to rote memorisation. Repeating the procedure without understanding the concept means children often do not know how to apply the solutions to bigger challenges.

S.A.M’s solution: S.A.M simplifies the process by helping little ones understand concepts – the ‘why’ – so they can figure out the ‘how’. This is achieved with the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach, where children participate in fun, hands-on activities and objects to solve maths questions. Then, S.A.M’s teachers use images to help children visualise the solution, before applying mathematical symbols to the equation. In this way, being able to experience and visualise maths helps make it more interesting.

Seriously Addictive Maths

‘Maths word problems are too hard for my child. She wants to quit!’

Children in Primary 2 to Primary 6 will need to solve word problems, but this can be a struggle if they lack the necessary critical thinking and logical reasoning skills. Eventually, they may get discouraged or even begin to hate maths.

S.A.M’s solution: S.A.M’s programmes focus on teaching children the right problem-solving methods and processes. This helps them learn how to break down a word problem effectively, before selecting and applying the appropriate heuristics to find a solution. This step-by-step approach simplifies problem-solving, making it manageable while motivating your child and reducing their maths anxiety. S.A.M’s trainers also use a coaching approach that does not spoon-feed answers to your child. Instead, the trainers ask questions and encourage your child, allowing them to discover the answers on their own – this builds a child’s confidence in the long run.

‘My child can’t keep up with the learning pace in school’

Most school classrooms have anywhere between 25 to 30 students. Each child is expected to learn at the same pace using a one-size-fits-all approach with limited individual attention. While some children will breeze through and get bored because they find it easy, others may find the lessons to be difficult and get discouraged.

S.A.M’s solution: Personalised lesson plans! Prior to joining a class at S.A.M, the trainers will first determine your child’s strengths and weaknesses using a comprehensive diagnostic assessment. Once they’ve determined the areas in which your child requires more support, they will prescribe a calibrated learning plan that suits your child’s individual learning needs and pace. The reason for this approach is simple: when lessons are taught at an appropriate level, children develop interest, confidence, and a positive mindset towards learning. Class sizes are kept small so each child gets more attention and trainers can monitor their progress closely. This way, no child is left behind, and each is ensured success on their learning journey.

Keen to get your child understanding and loving maths? Call Seriously Addictive Maths to sign up for a FREE maths assessment (worth $60)!

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