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Tips for a Less Stressful PSLE Journey

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Stressed by the recent PSLE buzz? Here are our top tips to make studying less stressful and more fun instead (plus info on tutors that can help your child improve their Chinese!)

All parents of bilingual kids will know that learning and honing a second language is never a linear journey, and often has ups and downs – but with exciting, fun games we can do at home, Chinese learning will be filled with joy! If you haven’t quite found the right balance of teaching kids Chinese at home with your little ones in a fun way, it’s worth getting them some extra help so they can continue to develop the skills and love for their native language or mother tongue. LingoAce is an international tutoring group that offers a blend of online and offline Chinese tutoring for kids, and they’re proven to improve children’s Chinese speaking, reading and writing skills over time.

What’s new about the PSLE Scoring System?

Details on the new Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) scoring system were announced earlier this year, where each standard-level PSLE subject will be scored using eight bands known as Achievement Levels (AL). This is compared to previous years where students were graded through the T-score system, which ranks a student’s performance in relation to their peers. This places more importance on the Chinese language with regards to the overall score. Learning Chinese with the new scoring system in mind demands a greater grasp of the language, in place of traditional rote learning of the past.

Top tips for parents whose kids are struggling with Chinese in school

  1. Create an immersive and conducive environment at home to learn Chinese.
    – Set a day in the week to communicate with your children in Chinese. Don’t worry if you are not fluent in the language! Take it as an opportunity to learn with your children. They’ll be more willing to use and learn the language when they see that you are learning along with them.
  2. Make language learning more fun by assigning children tasks that involve them using the language.
    – For example, when the family is out for meals, task your kids with ordering food in Chinese!
  3. Watch Chinese cartoons or movies together as a family bonding time activity!
  4. Try playing games to inject fun into learning.
    – You can try putting a Chinese spin to games that your children are already familiar with, such as Taboo or Pictionary. Games that focus on language are excellent for learning — it’s a fun way to test your children’s understanding of Chinese words and help improve fluency in the language.

How LingoAce fosters a love for the Chinese language

Kids will enjoy LingoAce’s Chinese courses, all taught by a total of 3,000 teachers who conduct Chinese lessons live. This means they’ll receive real-time feedback and interaction from skilled educators who will ‘hold’ their hand through language learning with easy-to-understand learning practices without the need to memorise texts or language rules. Did you know that LingoAce lessons incorporate gaming elements to make learning interactive and exciting? This is especially fun for kids who are tech-savvy (and these days, who isn’t?).

LingoAce’s Learning Circle method of learning, relating, practising and reviewing enables students to understand, relate and practice the Chinese language in everyday contexts – while building proficiency at the same time. Kids learn examination skills and techniques through online lessons, relate and practice through offline lessons where they’ll apply the skills and techniques, and review with teachers as they reteach and reinforce the gaps that students may have.

The goal is to nurture young learners who are not only fully equipped for their Chinese exams, but also are confident to make meaningful interactions in Chinese in their daily lives. And not just memorising their way through the exams! Students taking ownership of their own mastery and understanding of subjects by focusing on actual learning and understanding has never been more crucial!

Want to give your kids the LingoAce experience? Sign up for a free trial and get free additional 27 recorded classes on Pinyin, Compo Writing and more!

LingoAce Academy, 111 Somerset, #04-01 Singapore 238164,

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