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Is Your Child Bored of Chinese Lessons? LingoAce Has These ‘Tricks’ to Get Them Interested Again!

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Does your child groan at the thought of Chinese lessons? Here’s how LingoAce keeps kids interested in learning the language!

Rote learning is a common tool that’s used to teach children a new language. But excess memorisation, repetitive teaching techniques and the dreaded H-word (homework!) can make your child drag their feet to their next Chinese language lesson. That’s why LingoAce aims to break this tedious cycle by making Chinese-language learning more effective and engaging. Here’s how they’re accomplishing this goal:

Kiddos may learn through fun, but LingoAce takes their curriculum seriously. Based on the Singapore Ministry of Education’s (MOE) syllabus, the curriculum is shaped by LingoAce’s curriculum specialists and creative designers. Together, the team develops an array of exciting Chinese language programmes that meet each child’s learning goals. Their coursework is constantly assessed, so your child will always have access to up-to-date teaching methods. In addition to providing a personalised learning plan that meets your child’s educational needs, LingoAce also emphasises one-on-one or small class sizes of up to four students; this way, your child receives more attention, which contributes to their success at LingoAce.

LingoAce online lessons

How LingoAce keeps kids interested in Chinese class

LingoAce offers a blend of online and offline tutoring, but their online tutoring isn’t like other virtual options out there. For starters, their Chinese courses incorporate gaming elements to make learning interactive and exciting, especially if your kid is tech-savvy. Their lessons aren’t pre-recorded either. Instead, there are 2,500 teachers – all graduates from some of the world’s best universities – who conduct these Chinese lessons live, which means your child is receiving real-time feedback and interaction. At LingoAce, children aren’t forced to memorise chunks of text or language rules. Instead, every component is optimised for effective learning, and they’ll receive bite-sized learning practices for maximum absorption.

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Learning never stops at LingoAce, and the online tutoring centre has designed a variety of well-curated, short-term programmes that will engage your child. There’s plenty to choose from, too! For example, LingoAce’s Pinyin programme is specially designed for preschoolers to build a strong foundation with basic strokes, characters and sentences before entering Primary 1. The Online Oral and Communication class will help children master reading aloud skills, master vocabulary and sentence structuring and more. Does your child need help with their Chinese writing skills? Try LingoAce’s Writing Composition classes, which will teach them how to plan and write picture compositions through guided templates and unique writing techniques.

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Whatever your need, LingoAce has the right programme to suit your kid. Get up to 20% off and exclusive gifts when you sign up for LingoAce’s classes this June.

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