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Karaoke: The Family Bonding Activity We Never Knew We Needed!

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Karaoke has a reputation for being fun and sometimes silly, but did you know it could actually help strengthen your kiddo’s speech? Plus it’s a great activity for the whole family!

Fun fact: a family friend gifted my toddler a toy microphone (with a working mic function), but guess who really ended up using it to belt out Baby Shark and other nursery rhymes? Nope, not the kid… My husband and I! It’s so weird to admit, but the novelty of hearing our voices over a speaker just kept us going back to it during playtime. Eventually, it did encourage our little one to try it out too and we were so tickled by her attempts at ‘singing’ with the mic!

According to research*, singing helps strengthen children’s lips and tongues, which encourages clear speaking, expands their vocabulary, and teaches them about creative language and rhymes. It also encourages development of emotional intelligence, in particular building empathy and self-awareness.

popsical remix karaoke set

Karaoke – great for kids’ parties and family bonding

Karaoke could really be the key to a fun, all-in-one educational family bonding activity! Popsical Remix is a plug-and-play set that brings karaoke straight to your living room in the form of a hub and two beautifully crafted microphones. Its software houses over 200,000 song selections across 14 languages, so you’ll definitely find a song worth singing to, no matter the language!

The set is extremely portable. Weighing just 700g for the hub and mics, it’s perfect to take from room to room, or even to transport for a kid’s birthday party! We also love the minimalist design, which fits right in with the decor of any modern home.

While the littlies sing to their favourite kids’ songs, the rest of the family can belt out some tunes (Whitney Houston or Beyoncé for the mamas, perhaps?). So are you ready to get your karaoke on?

Want to develop your little one’s singing and performance skills? Popsical has curated a free vocal performance workshop with singer-songwriter and vocal coach Christiane Mikaela exclusively for Sassy Mama readers! Use promo code SMxPOP when you pre-order a Popsical Remix Set and you’ll get an email with instructions on how to book your spot!

Follow @popsicalkaraoke on Instagram for tips on songs for quality bonding time!

Brought to you in partnership with Popsicle Remix     *Extracted from The Benefits of Singing for Children by Professor Graham Welch

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