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Letter from the Editor: The Results of the 2018 Sassy Mama Readers Survey

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We asked, you answered! Here’s what we learned from our big survey this spring…

It’s been nearly two years since our last readers’ survey, and while I’m pleased with the progress we’ve made since then (see: A Day in the Life, heaps of videos covering the latest and greatest stuff to do with kids in Singapore, and more giveaways than ever), we know there’s always room for improvement.

Of course a big part of making sure we’re giving you the content you want to see is finding out more about who you are.

The “average” Sassy Mama reader… 

-Is Singaporean
-Works full-time
-Has two kids under the age of 5
-Spends a lot of time on Facebook (guilty as charged)
-And loves to travel, particularly to nearby spots like Bali, Thailand and Australia

Of course we also have tons of expat mamas, too, and we got lots of feedback looking for coverage of teen topics. So in short, our readers run the gamut of parents in Singapore!

What You Told Us

First of all, we were thrilled to receive SO much positive feedback. Our readers clearly love finding out about what’s new in Singapore (including everything from playgrounds, to restaurants, to shops).

Really anything kid-related – including enrichment activities, FREE activities (no shocker there), and kid-friendly restaurants – is a big hit, though you also really like our expert advice columns, and of course love a bit of travel inspo. And you like seeing what other parents in Singapore (and Singaporean parents abroad) are up to with monthly features like That Mama, Cool Dads and Overseas Mama. We are super proud of these columns, and continue to want to highlight a diverse array of parents in Singapore, so pleeeeease email us at [email protected] if there’s someone you’d like to nominate!

So what are you less enthusiastic about? High-end Style and Beauty. We get it; there are heaps of fab mags and blogs that cover these topics more in-depth, so we’re happy to dial the general coverage back a bit. However, we do know that mama-specific topics like where to get the best facial (perhaps to offset those worry lines and puffy bags, or is that just me?) or how to dress for maternity are super popular with our readers, so you can be sure we’ll keep bringing you that goodness (often with exclusive perks and discounts just for our readers, because you deserve it!).

What Else You’d Like to See

Even MORE coverage of stuff to do with kids (is that even possible?). We shall do our darndest to answer your call, mamas. In addition to recent roundups like the best indoor play spots in Singapore and our fave kid-friendly brunches in Singapore, we’re also upping our coverage of things like kid-friendly recipes and meal planners to deal with picky eaters.

You’d also love to see us put on some more events, such as a family fun day. All I can say is, watch this space, mama!

What We Want to Do Better

We absolutely 100% plan to up our coverage of local topics. We also want to expand the age range of our coverage, so as our kids get older, we can all grow together! As always, if there’s a particular story you’d like to see (or even better, that YOU would like to write), please don’t hesitate to email us, or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram.

Happily, this time around we received fewer complaints about blurred lines between paid and editorial content. As ever, our paid advertorials are clearly marked as “scoops”, with a bright pink sticker like this

In the top corner. And as ever,we strive to only promote companies and services that we feel would benefit or appeal to our audience. The same goes for editorial reviews, and I’ll reiterate once more that if there’s a service or product out there that you absolutely LOVE and want to share with other mamas, shoot us an email and let’s make it happen!

A huge THANKS to everyone who took the time to respond to our survey. Congratulations to our giveaway winner, Jill Wong, who nabbed herself a Family Getaway to Telunas Private Island (lucky lady!). Stay tuned for yet another fab family holiday giveaway coming soon, mamas!

Since welcoming my son last September and coming back to work full-time in January, I, like so many other mamas, have struggled with the logistical juggle that is life with two kids (and I’m lucky enough to have an extra set of hands in the form of our amazing helper). I know that your time is precious, and that there are only a few rare moments where you might have time to scan one of our articles between school pickup, or a meeting at work, or dealing with bedtime, all before passing out at the end of an exhausting day.

At Sassy Mama we absolutely get that your time is precious, because we’re mamas ourselves. Thank you so much for reading us; we will continue to do our best to put out content that makes your life happier…easier…better, or hopefully all of the above.



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