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Baby Not Sleeping Through Yet? Could Changing Diaper Brand Be The Answer?

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How revolutionary can diapers really be? Quite, actually! The new Drypers Touch diapers are softer than soft, hypoallergenic and stay dry for 12 hours (and dry bottoms mean a better chance of bub sleeping through the night!)

The struggle to find the perfect diapers that balance ultimate comfort, softness and all-night absorption is real – especially if your little one has sensitive skin! Hypoallergenic and allergen-free diapers are what you should look out for, and the new Drypers Touch range could just be the perfect match for bub, especially when we tell you about its 12 hour absorbency features!

12 hours of absorbency (and dryness!)

Drypers Touch is developed with Pro Skin Technology, which is a result of Drypers’ decades of experience as diaper specialists with intensive research and extensive tests to give babies premium softness and ultimate comfort.

DrySOFT & SoftFIT are two key features that help to provide superior absorbency and dryness while making sure your baby’s skin is cradled by the diapers’ soft interior at the same time. DrySOFT Absorption Core is Drypers’ longest absorbent core that’s made up of channels coated with micro PeeLock that quickly absorbs, directs and locks away liquid for up to 12 hours while staying dry. How many times have you woken up in the night to your baby crying because of a soaking wet diaper? Drypers Touch just may give your bub a better chance of sleeping through!

Diapers with 5000 thread count

Besides its soft absorbent core, the backsheet, leg cuffs and waistband of Drypers Touch diapers are made of premium soft cotton and breathable materials. Its Anti-Chafing Soft Leakage barriers are designed at the optimal height to prevent red marks from chafing around baby’s legs.

Drypers Touch is made with 5000 thread counts of DrySOFT TM fibres that are soft-bonded together, to create a premium friction-free layer of smoothness and softness, providing all-round softness and comfort for your baby.

drypers touch

Allergen-free diapers

Worried about sensitive skin? Drypers Touch diapers are hypoallergenic and free from EU26 Allergens – the 26 most-known allergenic substances in Europe that are commonly defined as substances that induce allergies such as redness, irritation, or rash, to prevent the risk of potential skin irritation.

If superior absorbency and softness, while being gentle on baby’s sensitive skin is what you’re after, give Drypers Touch a try! Now available in Tape and Pants.

Get Drypers Touch diapers online now from Drypers Official Store on Lazada or Shopee, leading ecommerce platforms (Redmart, Shopee Supermarket), or FairPrice Online and enjoy 50% off selected sizes. Request for free samples at!

Brought to you in partnership with Drypers

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