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Is Your Child Having Trouble Communicating? Speech, Language and Voice Therapy for Kids at Imagine If

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Is your youngster showing signs of a speech difficulty or having trouble communicating? Here’s how to help them

Whether your child has a speech, language difficulty, or learning difficulty, it’s important to get the right diagnosis and start on therapy as soon as possible. Pika Sen is a Consultant Speech-Language Therapist at Imagine If with 25 years of experience in early intervention, speech-language therapy and voice therapy for children aged 2 to 12.

If your kiddo is a budding singer or actor, Imagine If also offers voice-therapy to prevent injuries and keep their voice in good working order. Here’s how the bespoke therapy at Imagine If can help your child unleash their inner voice.

Get your groove on! Budding singers up your game with Imagine If!


Whether your toddler has difficulty making the correct sounds or your older child has a stutter or any kind of speech difficulty, the Imagine If programme can help. The first step is diagnosing the issue and early intervention is often key! Imagine If offers a unique and tailored mapping of each child’s needs.


If your little one has trouble understanding what is said to them, there are a number of language disorders that need to be ruled out. After an assessment, therapy is conducted in a one-to-one setting or in a group, based on the child’s specific needs. There’s a truly inclusive and international setting at Imagine If that’s key in making your child feel comfortable to open up, as it often takes patience in improving a child’s abilities.

Imagine If is designed for an optimal learning environment for kids with speech, educational & voice challenges.
Imagine If is designed for an optimal learning environment for kids with speech, educational & voice challenges.


If junior has a learning disability like ADHD or dyslexia but is currently in mainstream education, Imagine If can help support them by recognising that they learn differently. As you know already mama, kids are smart and resourceful and just need the right way of unlocking their potential to unleash their academic success. Having this extra support helps kids develop educational resilience as well as social resilience, which is key in building confidence.


Calling all budding singers and actors who need support with their voice! Imagine If has a special programme to teach vocal hygiene, rebalance vocal subsystems in the presence of an injury, and to prevent any further vocal injuries.

Keen to diagnose your kiddo and help them find their voice? Call them today (early intervention is always best!).

Imagine If, B1-20/21 and 02-11/13 Tanglin Shopping Centre, 19 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247909. Tel; (+65) 90087660,

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