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Embracing childhood and creating confident thinkers at LeClare Preschool

LeClare Preschool
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Looking for a preschool that recognises the importance of play but still prepares children to be confident, creative students in Singapore? Let LeClare Preschool show you the light, mama!

There’s nothing quite so true as the phrase ‘children grow up too quickly’ and sometimes all you want to do is ensure they enjoy every minute of their youth, even if they might not understand its magic yet. LeClare Preschool is a place where kids are encouraged to be – well – kids and use their innate sense of curiosity and creativity to learn about the world around them. It’s no coincidence their logo is a sprout, meant to symbolise their facilitation of helping children to grow and maximise their potential!

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The beauty of childhood is something that’s embedded in LeClare Preschool’s DNA, combining a foundation in Reggio Emilia methods with an inquiry-based approach — meaning they encourage tots to speak up and voice their opinions in both English and Mandarin. Their close-knit and super experienced team tailors the curriculum around fostering confident thinkers, so each term is split into open-ended themes for them to explore and grow. Plus, they’re all about making sure your child gets the attention they deserve with a low child-teacher ratio (just what we like to hear!).

The core curriculum is jam-packed with amazing learning opportunities for children and built so pre-planned and spontaneous education complement one another (the best life lessons aren’t always planned, after all!). Music, art, science and even cooking are all integrated into the dual language programme, allowing them the space to express themselves creatively and even learn about the importance of healthy eating that’ll affect them for the rest of their lives. The preschool’s, full time Art and Music specialists are always on hand to guide your little ones, offering them an alternative view of the world through dialogue, reflection, metaphor and imagination!

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We’re totally in love with LeClare’s Mandarin immersion approach as well, which incorporates elements of traditional culture such as calligraphy and poetry alongside fun games and arts & crafts. Bilingualism is so important in a multicultural place like Singapore, and LeClare truly gives kiddos the tools they need to become polyglots!

Now we’ve waxed lyrical about the curriculum, it’s time to move onto the gorgeous facilities. Beautiful spaces inspire beautiful things and LeClare Preschool is definitely testament to that, with every little detail carefully considered to stimulate your child’s cognitive development and motor skills.

For example, they’ve introduced dimmers to heighten sensory development and use recyclables in their art classes to create “something out of nothing”. On top of that, they use natural materials all around the environment, meaning they cut out pesky toxins and allergens while still bringing the big wide world into the classroom. It wouldn’t be a class act preschool without a noteworthy playground as well, and their outdoor wooden jungle gym is one that we secretly want to have a go at, with a breath-taking view of the Beach Road skyline as the cherry on top.

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Another thing that we adore is their constantly open line of communication with parents, ensuring they have a say and that their child’s education is a joint effort. They’ve even got an open-door policy for lunch, so you can pop in if you’ve got a spare hour — sure to boost both your moods.

Now we’ll take a moment to stop raving about LeClare Preschool and leave you with this: you can book in a tour of their facilities and meet their team by ringing (+65) 6969 9479 or (+65) 8388 7377. Your kiddos deserve to enjoy their education and early years, after all!

LeClare Preschool, Shaw Towers, 100 Beach Road #02-07/17, Singapore 189702, (+65) 6969 9479/(+65) 8388 7377

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