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Get Kids to Eat A Rainbow of Colours with Avo & Co. Weekly Fruit & Veg Box Delivery

Avo & Co fruit and veg delivery boxes in singapore
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Have a box full of healthy produce that the kids are gonna love delivered right to your doorstep with Avo & Co.’s weekly fruit and veg box. (Plus how to get $20 off your first order!)

Juggling your mama role – sorting out the kids, yourself, work, the household and the shopping – is tough! It’s easy to slip into a grocery shopping rut, buying the same produce weekly. Before you know it, your kids will only eat the same limited veg cooked in the exact same way. That’s why we love Avo & Co.’s Fruit & Veg Box Delivery, where every week sees both staples and fun new gourmet goodies in all colours of the rainbow delivered right to your door!

Eat the rainbow with Avo & Co
Eat the rainbow with Avo & Co.

Eat the Rainbow

Every week, Avo & Co. packs you a box full of colourful fruit and veg that’s in season and at its peak – that means perfectly ripe ready-to-eat produce that’s full of flavour. You’ll get something different every week, ensuring your family has a varied diet and that your kids get to eat all the colours of the rainbow — which means they’ll get a wide variety of nutrients. Kids have super imaginations and we are certain they will buy into the idea of “eating the rainbow” … sounds pretty fun, doesn’t it?

Try something new

Got a kid who turns their nose up at tomatoes, avocados or anything new? If you’ve been buying supermarket produce it’s sometimes hard to choose a perfectly ripe avo as vegetables and fruit are often picked before they are ripe so they don’t spoil on the shelves. By the time the veg gets to your plate it may not be as sweet and flavourful as nature intended. Once your kids try fruit and vegetables picked when they are truly ready to eat and in season – they are guaranteed to be converts.

The best thing about Avo & Co. is the chance to explore lots of gourmet goodies that aren’t available at your local supermarket, or that you wouldn’t usually buy. Think zucchini flowers or Jerusalem artichokes! Introduce these new flavours to kids at an early age, and chances are their palates will adapt and they’ll be more open to new tastes and textures.

Avo & Co. Delivery box food
Avo &. Co. sends you recipe cards for easy cooking ideas.

What do you cook with these goodies?

Don’t worry, if you’re not exactly a whiz in the kitchen Avo & Co. has got your back. You’ll get handy recipe cards telling you exactly what to do with your Jerusalem artichokes, taking the worry out of the kitchen. Plus. you know exactly what’s coming in the box (and the place of origin of each item) the weekend before your delivery. This is perfect for mamas who are big on meal planning for the week ahead.

Build Your Box 

For mamas who aren’t big on pre-selected/fixed boxes, they can go for the Build Your Own Box option. Perfect for those who want to cook from their favourite cookbooks at home and design their own meals. You get to choose from the range of great quality produce with free delivery too!

How does the Avo & Co. system work?

  1. Choose the box that best suits your family. Select your preferred delivery day and sit back and wait for your box of colours to arrive (delivery across Singapore is absolutely free!).
  2. Weekly delivery: Each week, the Avo & Co. box combines amazing staples (such as salad leaves, vine-ripened tomatoes and perfectly ripened avocados) with seasonal produce such as globe artichokes and rainbow chard.
  3. Swap it: If you don’t want a particular item – no problem! Avo & Co. gives you the option to swap out what you don’t like for more of what you do.
  4. Choose your add-ons: Get cage-free chicken, fresh seafood, barn laid eggs, artisanal cheese, nut butters and much more! Everything is antibiotics-free and hormone free with absolutely no nasties.
  5. Hate commitment? Don’t freak out! You can pause or cancel at any time. Just take it week by week, there’s absolutely no tie-in period (gasp!) or commitment unlike other box delivery programmes.

So what’s for dinner, mama? Get shopping now and introduce your family to a rainbow of colours in their diet!

Sassy Mama readers get $20 off your first order from now till 6 Oct 2018. Just use coupon code ‘SASSSY20’ at checkout.



Brought to you in partnership with Avo & Co. All images courtesy Avo & Co

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