Hawker Food: Best and Worst Dishes for Your Health

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Lead image by Noahs Knight via Unsplash
Chilli Crab image sourced via Pinterest
Sambal Stingray image by Migrationology sourced via Pinterest
Fish Ball Noodle Soup image by Encik Tan
Steamboat image by ieatishootipost
Nasi Lemak image by JC Nasi Lemak
Satay image by Satay by The Bay
Char Kway Teow image by AiPing of Curious Nut sourced via Pinterest
Bak Kut Teh image by NG AH SIO Bak Kut Teh
Kaya Toast image by Ya Kun Kaya Toast
Soft Boiled Eggs image by Feast to The World
Ice Kacang image by 6 Bittersweets sourced via Pinterest
Tau Huay image by Calvin Teo sourced via Goody Feed
Rojak image by Bear Naked Food sourced via Pinterest
Durian image sourced via Pinterest