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Haw Par Villa

262 Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore 118628

This “cultural park” was constructed in 1937 by the Aw Brothers (who founded Tiger Balm) to depict Chinese folklore’s 10 Courts of Hell, and will definitely make kids think twice about disrespecting their parents or not doing their homework! Free and open to the public throughout the year, the park features more than 1,000 colourful statues and tableaux, with everything from a giant gorilla to Chinese legends, along with a spooky Friday evening twilight tour (“Journeys to Hell”). Younger kids (under 10) might be a bit freaked out by some of the statues, which are cartoonish but can be quite graphic. This is one of our fave places to bring out-of-town guests, as it’s surely one of the most unique “amusement” parks on Earth!

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