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Breastfeeding Mamas, Are You Eating Well? Keep Your Milk Supply Up & Stay Healthy With Nutritious Meal Deliveries

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Are you eating well balanced nutritious meals to keep your strength up and help your milk supply, breastfeeding mamas? This dietician-approved meal delivery service makes healthy eating easy and delicious!

Congrats on your baby, mama! When you have a little one all your attention goes to looking after them. However, you may not be sleeping well nor may you have time to shop for fresh veggies and cook proper nutritious meals with a new bub to look after. Us mums know how it goes! It’s so important to eat well when you are recovering from childbirth to get your strength back. And it’s doubly important to eat well when you are breastfeeding so that you have a good milk supply for your baby who is growing every day. ReLacto offers a nutritious meal delivery service for breastfeeding mums with the aim to improve lactation and postpartum recovery. The nutritious meals on their lactation menu have been carefully curated by ReLacto’s in-house dietitian and award-winning chef to give you delicious dishes delivered warm and ready to eat.

Relacto meals

Dietician approved meal delivery in Singapore

ReLacto offers a selection of Chinese and fusion meals so it’s a bit like having your own personal chef cook up something different and nutritious for every meal of the week! Think Steamed Prawns with Garlic Vermicelli and Broccoli, Moroccan Chicken Stew, Stir-Fried French Beans with Pork, Black Pepper Wagyu Beef and Quinoa. Sounds a bit like eating at a restaurant right? Except you’ll be eating like this at home every day and unlike at a restaurant, these meals will have been carefully curated to be nutritious and good for you and your milk supply.

Relacto lactation meal delivery singapore
ReLacto Signature Trial Meal

Lactation menu that’s not confinement food

ReLacto offers meals that are different from confinement meal plans and as such are less restrictive. That means you can have all those foods you have been craving, even though you are at home looking after bub! Choose from over 100 different lactation-friendly and healing fusion dishes – from veggie dishes to healthy grains, soothing soups, desserts, and drinks like the Mulberry Herbal Drink, which is said to help with milk supply. There are different meal packages – from lunch or dinner for 7 days, to both meals for 7, 14, or even 21 days. Or plump for their 28-day package for lunch and dinner. You can even add on an extra person so your partner is taken care of too!

Keen to see what you could be eating for dinner tonight? Check out ReLacto’s packages here.

Relacto, Open daily 10am – 7pm, Tel: (+65) 6360 1000,

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