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10 Best Open-Ended Wooden Toys for Kids from KEKA Toys

christmas gift ideas keka toys wooden open ended rainbow tower
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Open-ended wooden toys make for great gifts this Christmas and beyond! Check out our top picks of wooden toys from KEKA Toys

There’s so much to love about open-ended toys! They may be simple, but most are made beautifully in good quality wood to encourage creativity and imagination in children. These toys promote learning through play, and because the possibilities with them are endless, they’ll entertain kids of every age! It’s crucial to allow kids to create their own world and ideas with tools with no obvious purpose.

So if you’re looking for a Christmas gift that will grow with your kiddo (or be played with by all your kids of different ages!), check out our top recommendations from KEKA Toys, a family-run business curating high-quality, sustainable, and non-toxic toys for kids in Southeast Asia. All their toys are made of sustainably sourced raw textured wood and non-toxic EN71 standard watercolour to ensure safety while playing. Plus we love that they’re stylish enough to suit any kiddo’s room decor!

Keep scrolling for the top 10 open-ended wooden toys by KEKA Toys to buy this Christmas!

keka toys christmas gift ideas ostheimer wooden animals

1. Wooden Animal Figures from Ostheimer

Ostheimer’s range of handmade animal figures from Germany is a must-have in any kid’s toy collection. Whether they’re playing barnyard animals or reenacting a scene from The Lion King, kids will have endless fun with every piece!
Price: From $20



christmas gift ideas keka toys gift guide kapla wood toy set

2. KAPLA Box

The KAPLA Box includes 200 wooden planks in a storage box. Don’t underestimate its simplicity though – KAPLA planks support STEM, logical thinking, spatial awareness, and dexterity thanks to the unfixed nature of the toy (plus building a tall tower without it toppling over is always satisfying!). The box also includes an instruction booklet for basic construction techniques. Great for little ones and older kids too!
Price: $115



keka toys christmas gift ideas grimms rainbow wooden

3. Grimm’s Rainbow

This classic toy needs no introduction! The original Grimm’s Rainbow is a Spiel Gut award winner (one of the top pedagogically oriented design awards), with endless play options thanks to its versatility – a cradle for dolls, as fences for animals, as a tunnel or bridge for vehicles, build amazing sculptures and more.
Price: $149



keka toys christmas gift ideas klangbaum rainbow marble run

4. Klangbaum Marble Tree

This is another award-winning toy! The iconic and original musical Klangbaum marble tree by Grünspecht has colourful petals that chime in different musical notes as marbles run down the tree. It’s also oh-so-pretty for the playroom! The marble tree set also includes 6 colourful marbles.
Price: $169 for a Large Marble Tree, also available in other sizes.


christmas gift idea keka toys kolekto zoo bundle animals wood

5. Kolekto Zoo Bundle

The Kolekto brand is a collection of handmade, simply designed Danish toys. The Zoo Bundle is made up of very playful animals with magnetic structures, which allows them to be arranged in all sorts of poses! Each set includes three magnetic animals in a handmade box – build a panda, giraffe, or elephant, or mix the parts and build funny fantasy animals!
Price: $199



6. Raduga Grez Sun Arch Stacker Small

The raw texture of the wood allows little hands to easily stack these brightly coloured Sun Stackers. Whether you’re making a pyramid, a bridge, towers, tunnels, caves, a fancy house – anything really! Includes seven nesting blocks of different sizes.
Price: $42



7. Grimm’s Beads Grasper

This is the first piece of Grimm’s for babies! Made of maple wood and non-toxic water-based colour stain these graspers encourage your bub’s grip and double as safe teethers.
Price: $29.90



christmas gift ideas keka toys dusyma animal dress

8. Dusyma Animals Dresses

This wooden puzzle set forms 15 pairs, each with an animal and a matching ‘animal dress’, made of fur or feathers! Kids from 2 years old will practice retention, concentration, visual perception, and linguistic competence.
Price: $45



9. Raduga Grez Fruit Set

Perfectly carved for little hands, this fruit set is perfect for your little one’s kitchen set or for playing supermarket shopping!
Price: $75



10. Kolekto Alphabets

Create a story with these wooden letters by Kolekto. The square wooden letters can be put together to form words and fun constellations in crooked, beautiful, and sculptural forms, including towers or paths of words and messages.
Price: $99



Looking for more open-ended wooden toys? Make sure you check out KEKA Toys, whether you’re looking to add to your kiddo’s sustainable toy collection or hunting down a great gift this Christmas! All at different price points to suit every budget.

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