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Chez Vous, New You: Loving the Trilogy System at this Singapore Salon

chez vous salon
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Singapore salon Chez Vous has already wowed us with their FIX YOU program and their dedicated team of Caucasian hair specialists, and now they’ve taken things to the next level with Trilogy. Here’s how to repair your hair, mama!

With the heat and humidity of Singapore, not to mention the everyday rigours of simply parenting, it’s pretty easy to let our hair get damaged, mama. But the innovative team at Chez Vous Salon thinks we can all do better: recognising that women are super busy, but also want to look good (with minimal effort, of course!), they’ve just come out with the new Trilogy System to repair, restore and rejuvenate tired tresses. I gave it a try and came away not only with extra bounce in my hair, but an extra spring in my step!


If you’re not familiar with Chez Vous at Ngee Ann City, know that it started over 20 years ago – this is not one of your hair today, gone tomorrow (see what I did there?) businesses; rather they’ve got a loyal and dedicated following, and are always adding new generations of loyal clients thanks to their fabulous staff (all style directors – you won’t get screwed with a junior stylist here) and unique initiatives like their Caucasian Hair Team (all stylists that’ve worked in North America, Europe or Australia and are well-versed in the different textures of Caucasian hair) and FIX YOU.

What is FIX YOU? So you know how every now and then you go to the salon, leave yourself in the stylist’s capable hands, and then discover that your hair has turned orange, or you’ve been given a hideous fringe, or some other hair horror? Chez Vous welcomes refugees from other salons with open arms and does their best to correct other salons’ mistakes – FOR FREE. That’s right, they so want people to be happy with their hair that they’ll take in other salons’ clients to help them out. Understandably these appointments are only available subject to availability but still – that’s a pretty radical idea, right?

chez vous salon singapore

If the W Hotel chain had an offshoot hair salon, I think Chez Vous would be it. The vibe is cool and stylish, with a definite edge of whimsy. Coloured spotlights greet you at the door, alongside a decked out mannequin (Chez Vous works with local designers to showcase their clothing). The tranquil shampoo room is called “Splash”, and scarves in a palette of soothing colours gently waft from the ceiling while clients luxuriate in the vintage chairs. As the salon’s director, Eugene Teo told me, “We know our clients are busy and stressed out, we want them to fall asleep when they’re getting their hair washed!”

Once you sink down into your comfy stylist’s chair, you’re greeted with a thick menu of food and beverage choices, along with accouterments like a lap desk (I typed away on my laptop just like everyone else!), phone chargers, video screens, and much more. For the first time in quite a while I didn’t have to nervously watch the minutes tick by as I got my hair done – I was actually able to get other stuff done at the same time!

chez vous salon singapore

But back to Trilogy: its aim is to restore new life, inner strength, incredible shine and softness while sculpting a bespoke look that is as flattering as it is effortlessly manageable. Sounds easy, right? Step 1 is Rebuilding. The team has actually conducted its own R&D (seriously, the salon director Eugene might have been a science teacher in his previous life the way he talked to me about amino acid complexes!) to develop bond-rebuilding elements and anti-breakage actives at the cellular level. Hair is strengthened from within, getting it ready for future treatments!

Step 2 is called Resculpting Supreme, and it’s Chez Vous’s innovative version of a keratin-infused retexturizing. Eugene and my stylist, Readen, took one look at my hair and decided it was so damanged it wouldn’t even be able to withstand the heat element of this step, so I didn’t experience it personally (though I did appreciate their candor!), but it’s all about smoothing and refinishing. In their words, “Just point a hair dryer at your hair and it will fall into place perfectly.” Bye bye, flyaways!

chez vous

The final step in the series is Express Revitalizing. It’s like skincare for hair, borrowing potent skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid, peptides and amino acids that are transmitted via an express ultrasonic delivery process. No heat, just amazing little beams of light! This 45-minute process leaves hair impossibly smooth and silky. As I flounced out of the salon, I couldn’t help but keep touching my hair for the rest of the day – it was just so shiny and bouncy!

So if your hair is in need of some major R&R (that’s rest and revitalization, mama), give Chez Vous a visit. The vibe is so much fun, and the team is so friendly, I think it’s virtually guaranteed that you’ll leave happier than when you came in!

Trilogy Series prices start from $155 for the Advanced Hair Rebuilder; $375 for Resculpting Supreme; and $185 for Express Revitalizing Supreme. The more steps you do, the better your hair will look, mama!

Chez Vous Salon, #05-05 Ngee Ann City Podium, Singapore 238872, Tel: (+65) 6732 9388

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