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Looking for Natural Deodorant in Singapore? Here’s Where to Go!

natural deodorants singapore
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Skip the antiperspirant and stay fresh with a natural deodorant in Singapore instead!

Living in the tropics is an absolute perk, but the sunny days can also make you perspire profusely. But that doesn’t mean you have to worry about body odour because there are plenty of options for non-toxic and natural deodorants in Singapore. And if you’re looking to make the switch from chemical-filled antiperspirants to non-toxic, all-natural options, then we’ve got all the reasons why you should do that ASAP (plus suggestions for great natural deodorant brands)!

What antiperspirants actually do to your body

Conventional antiperspirants work by attempting to plug your sweat glands; a bad idea, since sweating is a healthy, natural way for your body to detox. Conventional deodorants – which typically contain harmful ingredients like aluminium, parabens, chemical-laden fragrances, and triclosan – work by masking body odour and killing the bacteria present on your skin. If you’re not sure, a good rule of thumb is to always run your personal care products and their ingredients through EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic’s Database to determine their safety.

Why natural deodorant is a better option

The clean beauty movement has fortunately provided us with a variety of natural and organic options. But first, a hint: Even before you make the switch to a natural deodorant, cleaning up your diet and lifestyle can also contribute to healthier (and better smelling) perspiration. Some even suggest that the need for deodorant wanes the more you increase your water, vegetable and fruit intake while minimising processed foods at the same time.

Brands that retail natural deodorant in Singapore

1. Fresh With Sol

natural deodorants singapore - Fresh With Sol

If you lead an active lifestyle or are always on the go, then Fresh With Sol has a range of natural deodorants in Singapore that keep you fresh for up to 12 hours. The effective formula helps neutralise odour, even in Singapore’s humid tropical weather, while the aloe vera extract and its anti-inflammatory properties moisturise your skin and work as a natural pH balancer. Fresh With Sol’s products are also enriched with probiotics, and are free from paraben, aluminium and are cruelty-free. Additionally, their deodorants are 100% fresh so you can stay confident all day. Oh, and there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee too if their products don’t meet your expectations.

Price: $15
Where to buy:

2. All Good

natural deodorant singapore - All Good
Image Credit: All Good

All Good is organic, aluminium-free, and contains no parabens or phthalates. It’s also vegan and cruelty-free but the best part about this natural deodorant in Singapore? We’ve found it to be incredibly effective in standing up to our hot climate, and it’s a bonus that it’s available in lovely scents like Rose Geranium and the more gender-neutral Tea Tree & Basil.

Price: $23
Where to buy:

3. Biokind Fem-Tox

When making the switch to organic or natural deodorants, you may experience a mild detox reaction if you’ve been using conventional products. Increased odour initially, while your body is readjusting, might just mean you could benefit from an armpit detox. BioKind’s Fem-Tox is designed to be used overnight under your arms and near sensitive breast tissue to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage. Not meant to be used indefinitely, this is a great option as you make the transition to natural products.

Price: US$64
Available at: BioPure

4. Jomingo

natural deodorant singapore - Jomingo

This brand of natural deodorant from Singapore is all about using natural and plant-based ingredients in their products, with biodegradable packaging to boot! Started by Singapore Management University (SMU) graduate Jun Tan, Jomingo’s aluminium-free natural deodorant has garnered both local and international fans with its fun packaging and effective skin-loving products. Ingredients include organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, ethically sourced cocoa butter, non-GMO and gluten-free tapioca starch and baking soda, all sourced from regional farmers to keep a low carbon footprint. Products are also made without alcohol, sulfates or parabens.

Price: $21
Available at: Jomingo,, Lazada and Shopee

5. Kopari

natural deodorants singapore - Kopari

Kopari has earned some die-hard fans for its great-smelling plant-based deodorants (just check out the glowing reviews!). Made with coconut, aluminium- and baking soda-free, this natural deodorant in Singapore soothes even the most sensitive underarms while working with the body’s natural functions to aid in odour reduction.

Price: $25
Available at: Sephora

6. Lush

Lush is the king of all things natural, and they carry three kinds of natural deodorant in Singapore. Powder-based The Greeench is filled with natural ingredients like thyme, rosemary, tea tree and sage to keep odours at bay. And while the green lycopodium powder may look questionable, fans say their pits stay dry. Prefer a solid bar of natural deodorant instead? Opt for the Aromaco or T’eo deodorants instead. These come in bar form and use sodium bicarbonate, witch hazel and antibacterial fresh makers like patchouli, juniper berry, tea tree and lemon oil to limit bacterial growth and keep you smelling fresh.

Price: From $20
Available at: Lush

7. Native

Natural deodorant singapore - Native

This natural deodorant in Singapore is great for men and women. In addition to being aluminium-free, Native’s range of organic, natural deodorants also feels light and fresh without staining your clothes and protects against wetness. More importantly, it’s cruelty-free and comes in plastic-free packaging.

Price: From $17
Available at: Native and

8. Nuud

Nuud isn’t just a natural deodorant; it is a vegan-friendly deodorant that actually prevents body odour instead of just masking it. The concentrated formula is based on micro solvers and is said to be effective for up to three days on average. One tube can be used for up to eight or nine weeks, and the brand is certified as plastics-negative. They also offer free shipping worldwide.

Price: From €12.95
Available at: Nuud and

9. PiperWai

PiperWai is made with activated charcoal crème and 100% natural ingredients to form invisible, absorbent and pH-balanced protection. This natural deodorant in Singapore has an essential oil blend made with mint, citrus and clove highlights, which create a gender-neutral scent; your husband will fall in love with it, too. It can be purchased online in paste form, or as a stick, and ships internationally. Plus, you get discounts if you’re opting for a recurring subscription.

Price: US$11.99/jar, US$16.99/stick
Available at: 

10. Pretty Frank (formerly Primal Pit Paste)

natural deodorant singapore - Pretty Frank

Pretty Frank is full of goodies like Shea butter and organic coconut oil and is free of all the nasties like aluminium and parabens. Opt for a natural deodorant that comes with or without baking soda, or shop their seasonal range for scents that are a little more exciting.

Price: From US$20.99
Available at: Pretty Frank and

11. Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

Based on its ingredients alone, Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant ticks all of the important health boxes. The Ylang-Ylang + Calendula scent is gorgeous, providing long-lasting odour protection. Plus, soothing coconut oil, Shea butter and calendula all help to moisturise and tone your delicate underarm skin. The brand also carries options for those with sensitive skin. Our only complaint: it can get a little sticky.

Price: From $19.90
Available at:

12. Smood

natural deodorant singapore - Smood

This package-free, natural and handmade deodorant bar helps to neutralise odour and absorb wetness. Handmade in Singapore using ingredients like cassava starch, coconut oil and shea butter, it’s made without aluminium, parabens, propylene glycol and other harsh chemicals. The bar softens upon contact with body heat, so all you have to do is apply a small amount gently to each armpit to be set for the day! You can also check out their blog, which shares resources on natural deodorant in Singapore, clean beauty and wellbeing.

Price: From $8/bar, available in sets of 2-4 bars
Available at: and Shopee

13. Ursa Major

Stay fresh with Ursa Major’s award-winning selection of deodorants for both men and women. This natural deodorant in Singapore eliminates body odour and absorbs excess moisture, and even works great on sensitive skin. There are 25 natural ingredients in this natural deodorant, including odour-fighting baking soda, moisture-absorbing kaolin clay, anti-bacterial hops and soothing aloe vera. Ursa Major’s natural deodorants are complete aluminium free and are non-toxic, and offer up to 24 hours of unscented protection.

Price: From $42
Available at:

Lead image from Pexels

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