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Milk in Singapore: Giving Almond Milk a try with the Mlk Co

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If you’ve ever researched the state of milk in Singapore, mama, you know it’s a frustrating situation with very few healthy, affordable options. But one company is trying to change all that with milk that includes just three whole food ingredients!

The milk situation in Singapore is a tricky one, mama. Nearly all milk you can buy at the grocery store is pasteurized or UHT (Ultra Heat-treated) to ensure long shelf life and to kill off bacteria, which in turn kills off important nutrients along with some of the proteins that make milk digestible in the first place!

Many milks come from places where treatment of cows is mysterious and hard to pin down (i.e. we have no idea what sort of hormones and other additives are involved), while organic selections are prohibitively expensive (and even at that, can lack beneficial ingredients due to the above-mentioned processes).


In the last few years, almond milk has been on the rise, particularly in the U.S. where it now accounts for two thirds of the “plant-based” milk market (including other alternatives like soy milk, rice milk and coconut milk). It’s not easily accessible here in Singers, though; if you try to buy it at the grocery store the best you’ll be able to find is “Almond Drink” that’s undergone the same sort of zapping processes as regular milk to ensure long shelf life, not to mention comes with all sorts of yucky additives and often added sugar.

New on the scene to save the day is The Mlk Co, which is made with just three ingredients: raw sprouted almonds, Himalayan sea salt, and water. That’s it, mama! No eradicating processes, just delicious, fresh milk that you’ve got to drink up in five days while it’s fresh.

The benefits of almond milk are that it’s low in calories and cholesterol, and is lactose free (great news for those who love the taste of milk but can’t drink the cow variety). It’s also an excellent source of Vitamins A and D. Furthermore, it’s incredibly rich and creamy (just as milk should be!) yet is lower in fat than whole milk, with a nicely subtle nutty flavour that works amazingly well with granola or in smoothies (my two favourite uses for milk).


The Mlk Co presses their almond milk fresh to order at their shop in Icon Village at Tanjong Pagar, and milk is available for pick-up and delivery in lovely reusable glass bottles designed to best preserve the nutrients. It is incredibly fresh, raw and unpasteurized – basically the polar opposite of the standard Singapore milk experience!

Priced at $5.90 for 200ml or $24.90 for 1L, this milk doesn’t come cheaply, but if you’ve ever tried to make your own almond milk (sorry, I couldn’t find a nut milk bag for the life of me!), you’ll appreciate the effort and the resulting quality.

Want to know more, mama? Visit the Mlk Co at Tanjong Pagar, or find them at one of the many pop ups they attend around town. Drink up!

The Mlk Co, Whole & Hearty @ Icon Village, 12 Gopeng Street, 01-84, 078877, Tel: (+65) 9161 8008,

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