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Does the Blackout Sheet Mask for Your Vulva Get the Job Done? A Mama Investigates

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We know masks are all the rage…but is one for down there a step too far? Mama Lisa tries out the new Blackout Sheet Mask from the nether region pros at STRIP

Vjayjay, box, buju, coochie, na-na? Enlightenment. The word is Vulva.


  1. the female external genitals.

Ask any one of my girlfriends, and they will tell you that I am mad about face sheet masks. The taxi driver in China going viral for driving with his face mask on? Been there, done that. So when I was asked to try out the TWO L(I)PS Blackout Mask, possibly the world’s first sheet mask for the vulva, I was more than intrigued.

As luck would have it, I received the product on the day of my regular bikini wax appointment. Timing couldn’t be more perfect. It arrived in a beautiful gift box with the masks individually packaged in a box of 5. The creators of the Vulva Mask claim that the charcoal, serum-soaked sheet is a “game changer” for female self care, promising that it will “detoxify, soothe, brighten and moisturise the vulva, drawing out toxins and improving lymphatic drainage”.

As I’m sure most of you have experienced, the night after a wax, the skin around the vulva can be a little red, itchy and sensitive. I was curious to see whether the Blackout was going to help.

Just like a regular face mask, the Blackout mask is individually packed, soaked in serum. What is surprising, though, is the soft lace that accompanies the mask, once you peel off the plastic backing. There are two pieces, or ‘wings’, which extend to the sides of your thighs to keep the mask in position. I laid in bed with the Blackout mask on for the recommended 15 minutes, while enjoying its cooling, soothing sensation.

So? Did it help with post wax irritations? I must say, I think it did. My skin was smooth and I didn’t experience the usual itching that sometimes accompanied my wax treatments. I continued the use of the Blackout mask for the next 4 days and thoroughly enjoyed the pampering experience.

TWO L(I)PS founder Cynthia Chua (she also founded STRIP, so she knows her way around down there) thinks it’s time we paid our vulvas some attention.

“As women, we spend so much time focusing on the face and general body parts. I think attitudes are definitely shifting south of the border,” she said.

“It’s high time we shift the focus towards better quality maintenance of the vagina — in particular, the vulva. Especially as we age, our vaginal areas become drier and less plump. If this happened to our faces, I guarantee you we’d be immediately embarking on all kinds of facial treatments, but for some reason, we don’t do the same for our vulva.”

Yes, I absolutely agree. I want to do for my vulva what I have been doing for my face all these years. Though at $21 a piece or $90 for a box of 5, it will have to be a special occasion treat for me, and my vulva.

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