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Find the Best Stroller in Singapore to Suit Your Family

best srollers singapore uppababy bassinet newborn 6 months
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Looking for a baby stroller to suit your fam in Singapore? We list out the most recommended double strollers, lightweight baby strollers and more with some expert help (plus find out how to score a perk worth $130!)

And you thought buying a car was stressful – baby strollers (or prams, or pushchairs, or buggies…whatever you want to call them) seem to come in more shapes, sizes and colours than any other product on the already crowded baby market. If you’re pregnant – or need to upgrade your baby stroller to accommodate a growing family – the first step is to think about what suits your stroller needs. Will you be using public transport and riding in taxis often? Do you plan to travel a lot once we can? Do you need a baby stroller with flexible configurations?

We sat down with our favourite baby gear pro, Elise from PramFox, to find out what she’s crushing on at the moment. PramFox (as you can tell from the name) has all the best strollers in Singapore, along with other big-ticket baby gear items you’ll need for baby, including cribs, breast pumps, baby carriers, bouncers and more! Their focused range means they know their stuff inside out, plus they work exclusively by appointment, so you’ll have the whole boutique to yourself – escape the hustle and bustle of busy malls and treat yourself to a Nespresso while you browse! Keep reading for Elise’s expert tips on choosing the perfect stroller and scroll down to the bottom for a special perk from PramFox worth $130!

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Ideal Baby Stroller
Top Recommended Baby Strollers in Singapore
All About PramFox

best baby stroller singapore babyzen
The Babyzen Yoyo 2 is very lightweight and compact

Things to Consider When Choosing The Perfect Stroller

1. Compactness

The three main categories of prams are: full size strollers, city compact strollers and cabin-sized strollers. The general rule is as you move down in size, you will start to lose certain features, such as larger, sturdy wheels, ample basket space etc. You should spend some time taking note of the pavements and doorways you use the most. If you find yourself in shopping malls and small alleys a lot, then a compact cabin-sized baby stroller is probably the best (and will serve you well when we get to travel again!). If you’re spending a lot of time around open spaces like some of our local parks, then perhaps a fuller-featured, less-compact baby stroller would be better.

2. Future-proofing (or expecting twins)

If you’re going to invest in a high-end baby stroller (and plan on having more than one child), choose a single stroller that has the ability to convert to a double later so you can future-proof your investment. Most baby strollers can accommodate a buggy board that allows a toddler to stand or sit behind the back wheels, but note that since the older child can’t be strapped in place, it may not be an ideal permanent solution.

3. Car seat compatibility

Pretty much every top-tier infant car seat is compatible with most premium baby strollers these days. This means if your pram says it’s compatible with either popular car seat brands such as Maxi Cosi, Cybex, BeSafe or Mountain Buggy, then it’s compatible with all of those. You’ll only have to start worrying when your baby outgrows their infant car seat (this usually happens around 18 months) and needs to progress to a toddler car seat. If you have a car, then you can jump ahead and get a car seat that’ll stay put, but if you need to use taxis or private hire vehicles, it can affect which pram you choose from the get go.

4. Foldability

Do note that a one-hand fold is not the same thing as an ‘easy fold’ when it comes to baby strollers. Something that’s really easy to collapse can sometimes require two hands. If you’re specifically looking for something you can fold while holding your baby, that’s when the one-hand fold matters.

5. Running

See yourself jogging a lot with baby in tow? The general guideline is to wait until bub is six months old and has decent neck strength before bringing them along, but it’s always a good idea to check with your paediatrician. When looking for a jogging or running stroller, it’s best to look out for puncture-proof tyres or air-filled tyres (just like a bicycle) for extra cushioning, but you’ll need to be prepared to get a flat tyre every now and then.

Top Recommended Baby Strollers in Singapore

With top brands like Bugaboo, Babyzen, Cybex and more on offer, check out PramFox’s list of the most recommended baby strollers in Singapore!

best stroller singapore uppababy vista v2

UPPAbaby Vista V2: Converts to a Double Stroller Easily

PramFox is the exclusive retailer for UPPAbaby in Singapore. If you’ve never heard of UPPAbaby before this, they’re a family-owned baby stroller brand hailing from the USA and have been in the biz since the 90s. All of their strollers are said to be incredibly easy to fold, with slightly higher handlebars to suit taller mamas and dads in Singapore. They’re also currently the best selling baby strollers globally! Considered the best baby stroller on the market in 2021, the Vista V2 is UPPAbaby’s pride and joy. The frame itself is only 9kg which makes it really practical to lift into the back of a car. It comes with both a bassinet (which has incredible sun protection and ventilation, 4kg) and toddler seat (3.2kg), and while it’s a great single, it can also convert to a double later on. It can take one or two infant car seats. If you’re looking for a slightly more compact baby stroller that doesn’t convert to a double, then the UPPAbaby Cruz is perfect.
Price: From $2,099


best baby stroller singapore babyzen

Babyzen Yoyo 2: Equally Fab for Newborns & Airplane Travel

This cool French stroller is ubiquitous in Singapore – perhaps you’ve seen the Babyzen Yoyo zipping around town (or more likely you’ve noticed a parent quickly fold it up and pop it into an overhead container on an airplane – it weighs only 6kg after all, and has an integrated shoulder strap!). It’s got a basket, a canopy with UPF 50+ solar protection, and comes in a range of pretty colours. What we particularly love, though, are its newborn and 6 months+ options, which give you tons of flexibility. The newest model also features 4-wheel suspension, an exclusive ‘soft drive’ system, and a redesigned newborn bassinet that’s ultra-lightweight, ventilated and has inner pockets. Plus the new YOYO Connect has just entered the scene (coming soon to PramFox!), giving you the option to turn it into a double stroller that’s easy to hook up and fold!
Price: From $809


best baby stroller singapore nuna triv

Nuna TRIV: From birth to 22kg

The Nuna TRIV was designed to be incredibly easy to use – specifically thinking of the mums who are worried that they won’t be able to handle the stroller (and car seat and baby) on their own. It’s a mid-sized stroller, but the frame is the same weight as the Babyzen YOYO frame, which is amazing! It folds easier than any other stroller in the world and it has a unique car seat adapter so that, when you pair it with the Nuna car seat (it can fit all other car seats too), it’s even easier to get the car seat on and off the frame compared to other prams. It’s also got a sweet new carrycot.
Price: $1,199


best baby stroller singapore cybex mios

Cybex Mios: Compact Everyday Baby Stroller

Compact and sleek, the Cybex Mios is the perfect baby stroller for city life in Singapore with a design that doesn’t compromise on comfort or functionality. Light, flexible and elegant, the Mios has an intuitive one-hand, super compact fold – which makes it a winner for frequent rides on public transport or squeezing into a restaurant. We also love the reversible seat, which can be forward or parent-facing; there are even nifty memory buttons that make it a literal snap finding bub’s preferred position. Yet another winning attribute for Singapore: its breathable mesh seat – perfect for our humid climate. Other key features: all-wheel suspension; is a snap to use with a variety of car seats; has a narrow (50cm), lightweight (9kg) frame; and a plethora of stylish colours to choose from!
Price: From $1,198


best stroller singapore uppababy minu

UPPAbaby Minu: Compact yet Larger in Basket Space

The UPPAbaby Minu is one of the sturdiest cabin-sized strollers available, weighing just 6.6kg and folding easily with just one hand. It offers a ‘from birth kit‘ ($199, adds just 200g) which is partway between a lay-flat newborn seat and a bassinet – this folds with the baby stroller frame which is a bonus. Infant car seat adapters are available.
Price: From $749


best baby stroller singapore bugaboo ant

Bugaboo Ant: Stylish, Practical & State-of-the-Art

Bugaboo entered the lightweight baby stroller market in a big way with The Bugaboo Ant. At 7.2kg it’s a bit heavier than some other lightweight stroller models, but its biggest selling point has to be its reversible seat (complete with lie-flat option), which makes it usable for newborns – meaning you don’t have to fiddle around with a separate seat or carrycot. It’s also got a sturdy, luggage-like exterior and a nice adjustable handlebar. Like every Bugaboo, it’s super sleek and stylish, has an ergonomic seat (for both support and flexibility) and all-wheel suspension. It folds into one piece, and is car seat compatible (so key when you want to make a lightweight stroller your baby stroller!).
Price: $899


best double stroller singapore mountain buggy

Mountain Buggy Duet: Easiest Double Stroller to Handle

An incredibly sturdy and rugged side-by-side baby stroller from Kiwi brand Mountain Buggy, when it’s in single-mode the Duet has two shopping baskets – one next to the child seat, and one below. It handles amazingly and it’s easy for kids to climb in and out themselves! It has two parent-facing newborn add-on options: the Cocoon ($119) or Carrycot Plus ($339). However, it weighs nearly 15kg so it’s not recommended to take in cars regularly – instead, you can choose to have an accompanying stroller such as the Mountain Buggy Nano for one car seat, or the super affordable Snap-N-Go double frame for two car seats.
Price: From $1,159


best baby stroller singapore thule urban glide 2

Thule Urban Glide 2: Great for Running

A pretty large baby stroller at 69cm wide, the Urban Glide 2 has air-filled tyres just like a bicycle. It can lay flat, but Thule advises you to use either a car seat (and adapter) or the optional bassinet if you want to use it (for walking) for babies younger than six months.
Price: $799


Elise PramFox

All about PramFox

Elise of PramFox is the go-to baby gear expert here in Singapore and you’ll benefit from her wealth of experience in the world of strollers, car seats and cribs. She’s an Australian-certified Child Restraint Fitter and a US-certified Child Passenger Safety Technician Instructor. Elise is a mama of three herself, and drew on her ordeal of finding the perfect stroller to suit her family in order to start PramFox – she went through a whopping eight prams in the first four years of parenthood before finding her family’s ‘unicorn’ strollers! She hopes to relieve the stress of buying baby gear for you and instead turn it into a genuinely enjoyable experience (even for dads!). Make sure you book an appointment with her to get the best advice while choosing your stroller!

Receive a bundle worth $130 (which includes a copy of The Little Black Bump Book, 2x Buggy Hooks, a Smartphone Holder for your baby stroller, and an online consultation with PramFox) with every purchase on PramFox!

PramFox, 100D Pasir Panjang Road, #05-02 Meissa, Singapore 118520 (open 7 days a week by appointment only!),

Brought to you in partnership with PramFox. Lead image: UPPAbaby Vista

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