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Sassy Scoop: Post-pregnancy body shaping with HYPOXI – one mama’s success story!

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When the long months of pregnancy are over and you’ve been left with a few war wounds in the shape of a mummy tummy, finding an exercise solution that is safe, effective and gets the results you want becomes a definite must! Luckily for us in Singapore, the hugely successful, super popular body shaping system, HYPOXI reached our shores last year (read more about it here!) and has been helping mamas reach their weight loss goals ever since.

We spoke to one of HYPOXI’s happy clients, local entrepreneur and mama, Eu-Yen Tay to get the inside track on how this targeted weight loss solution helped her achieve her post-pregnancy weight loss goal.

How did you learn about HYPOXI and what made you try it for the first time?
After giving birth to my daughter (and putting on 25kg in the process!) I was keen to regain a sense of body normality by getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight. While doing a Power Plates session one day, I spied a HYPOXI machine at the studio I was working out in and was super keen to give it a go! What struck me the most was that it seemed like a really easy way to exercise and help me get back in shape.

What do you find is so unique about HYPOXI?
It’s so easy! Unlike other torturous exercise regimes I’ve done in the past, HYPOXI only required 30 minutes of my time (it was perfect for zipping to during my lunch break at work), was compatible with my slow healing diastasis recti, and didn’t require me to diet… just follow simple nutritional advice on the days I did a HYPOXI training session, so it allowed me to still eat what I needed to stay healthy while breastfeeding.

How did you start to see results from HYPOXI?
I started to lose both kilograms from my overall weight and inches from around my stomach too. While it’s not a miracle per se (you need to stay committed to see results) I did lose 7kgs over 3 months while doing HYPOXI and was able to achieve my goal of losing the baby bulge!

What was the best part about your HYPOXI sessions?
I got to watch sitcoms on my iPad or work from my phone while I was at it! In addition, the fabulously encouraging ladies at HYPOXI were so supportive I found it easy to keep on track with my sessions – they’d even stop for a chat during my workouts, helping the half hour swish by!

Well if that’s not encouraging enough, we don’t know what else is mama! With summer right around the corner too, it’s the ideal time to tone up for the warmer months, and HYPOXI is helping you do that with a very Sassy 10% discount for all new mums who sign up now. Just tell them you heard about HYPOXI on Sassy Mama and the discount is all yours… now hop to it, mama!

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Brought to you in partnership with HYPOXI.


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